Application Flowchart

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The flowchart below provides a graphical view of the grants and contracts application process listed in Part I of the Grants Contract Process Outline.


  1. An eGC1 is required if:If you have questions, check with Leo Aguiling, Grants Coordinator.
    1. the sponsor requires an institutional signature/approval.
    2. the funding is going thru the UW Financial Accounting System (FAS)
  2. eSignature/Approval - requires eSignature from the , the Dean/Director(s) of the PI(s) and key personnel.
  3. Currently, hard copy submission is required, but there will be electronic submission soon.
  4. Electronic sponsor application is submitted by OSP after confirming with PI.
  5. OSP requires 10 working days from the time it receives the hard copy of the agency application until OSP grants approval.
  6. Allow two working days for campus mail if the application must be returned to the PI before U.S. mailing to the sponsor.