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What is SAGE?
SAGE is an acronym for the UW System to Administer Grants Electronically. SAGE is your gateway to internal UW Grants and Contracts applications. Learn more about the SAGE eGC1 process —step by step.
What is an eGC1?
The Electronic GC1 (eGC1) is the internal compliance form that is attached to all grants and contracts for routing and approval on campus before going to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). Only authorized users can access an eGC1 via SAGE. Source: UW SAGE FAQs
Do I need an eGC1?
When applying for a grant, contract or fellowship, you will first need to know if a UW eGC1 application is required. An eGC1 is required if at least one of the following conditions exist:
  • When the sponsor requires an institutional signature/approval
  • When the funding is going thru the UW Financial Accounting System (FAS)
  • When the funding will pay for faculty or staff salaries and benefits
If you have questions, check with Leo Aguiling, Grants Coordinator.
Where do I find codes such as UW's tax ID or DUNS Number?
OSP publishes a list of Institutional Numbers and Codes.
Where do I find indirect cost rates?
See GIM 13 Attachment A: Summary of Indirect Cost Rates
What if the RFP indicates that the agency will not fund the UW indirect cost rate?
The agency or RFP must state that the agency will not fund the full UW indirect cost rate. This information, provied on the spo funding sponsor website, must be provided on the eGC1.
Can you help me understand the entire Grants and Contracts process?
Get the basics of the pre- and post-award process from the Process Outline.
Where am I in the Grants and Contracts application process?
Find out in the Application Flowchart.
Can I adjust my teaching load while doing research?
See the Policy on Work Load Reduction for Faculty on Externally Funded GrantsMicrosoft Word document published by Academic Affairs. Adjusting your teaching load requires Director approval.
What if the RFP is from a private foundation? Or, what if I want to talk to a private foundation about funding?
Contact the prior to submitting the application.

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