Food and Beverage Approval

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The online form linked below is used to seek approval to serve meals or light refreshments at a University meeting, formal training session or formal recognition event. Approval must be received PRIOR to the purchase of food. Forms submitted after the event will not be approved and expenses will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Please see the Food Purchase Policy for additional information.

The Washington State Office of Financial Management State Administrative and Accounting Manual, sections 70.10.10-40, outlines the rules and oversight for the use of University funds to purchase meals and light refreshments. Based on these rules, the University of Washington has created a policy for the purchase of meals and light refreshments for employees, students, and official guests. In turn, UW Tacoma administration has provided clarifications that, together with the UW rules, comprise the UW Tacoma Food Purchase Policy. This policy is provided to ensure that all food expenses charged to University budgets are allowable and appropriate for the funding source.

Request Approval for Food and Beverage

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