New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee Committee (NSEOFC)

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The New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee (NSEOF) is a mandatory, one-time fee of $159 that all entering undergraduate students at the University of Washington Tacoma campus pay to confirm enrollment. The NSEOF supports many academic and transition programs designed specifically to set students up for success. These programs include Jump Start to Success, Orientations in Autumn, Winter, and Spring, Transition 101 and 201, Pack Advisors, and more.

The NSEOF is neither refundable nor transferable to another quarter or another student.

2018-19 NSEOF Allocations

NSEOF allocations: 65% Orientation Programs; 28% Pack Advisors; 7% Partnerships

The History of the NSEOF

Since its founding, the University of Washington Tacoma has offered orientation for new students. In 2005, when the campus was getting ready to welcome its first Freshman class, a drastic change to the way new students were welcomed to campus was proposed. Staff recognized that all students needed an opportunity to get acclimated, be introduced to resources available and learn how to be successful at the UW.

A proposal to implement an enrollment fee for all new students, both freshman and transfer, was created to fund this new initiative. It came from the idea that orientation should emphasize academic values, stress the importance of intellectual discovery, value diverse learning opportunities and actively pursue academic excellence.

With the implementation of the NSEOF, the office of New Student and Family Programs was created, with the purpose of implementing and facilitating programs and services for new students. Campus partnerships were utilized and strengthened to ensure students would have the opportunity to meet their fellow new Huskies, discover the resources campus has to offer and register for classes for the upcoming quarter.

The NSEOF funds the office of New Student & Family Programs, which is responsible for Jump Start to Success, Orientation Programs, Transition 101 and 201 online courses, and Pack Advisors. Through the Pack Advisors, NSEOF funds the wages of student employees who work as orientation leaders and student mentors. A portion of the NSEOF also funds Math Placement Test scholarships, orientations for students with special requirements (International Students, Social Welfare, Criminal Justice, participants in the Childcare Assistance Program), and Student Fellowships and Awards. NSEOF funds also provide partial support for Welcome Weeks in Autumn, Winter, and Spring and Convocation.

The NSEOF can only be increased through approval by the regents and has not increased since it was started in Tacoma in 2006. New Student and Family Programs does not receive state funding from the University, but does operate other programs and services for students and families, including a Family Orientation program, that has optional fees.

NSEOF Allocation

Utilizing a surplus that developed from 2006-2013, allocations for 2018-19 exceed projected revenue by $150,480.

Orientation Programs (65% or $251,999)
Programming and staffing (90%)
Student wages (10%)

Pack Advisors (28% or $108,821)
Programming (11%)
Student Wages (89%)

Partnerships (7% or $26,661)
Convocation (62%)
Office of Undergraduate Education (19%)
Student Engagement (11%) Fellowships and Awards (8%)

Programs Funded by the NSEOF

Whole or partial funding of the following programs for all new students is provided by the NSEOF including:

Orientation Programs

  • Jump Start to Success
  • Autumn, Winter, and Spring On-Campus Orientations
  • Transition 101 and 201 Canvas Courses
  • Math Placement Test Scholarships
  • Childcare Assistance Program Orientation
  • International Student Orientations
  • Social Work and Criminal Justice Orientations

First Year Success Programs

  • Pack Advisors
  • Convocation
  • Welcome Days
  • Build Your Potential

NSEOF Advisory Councils

NSEOF recommendations and activities are reviewed by the NSEOF Student Advisory Council and Orientation Advisory Committee. The current Advisory Committee members include:

  • Amanda Figueroa (Chair), Senior Director of Student Transitions & Success
  • Bonnie Becker, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success
  • Deirdre Raynor, Director of Undergraduate Education
  • Sharon Fought, Director of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership
  • Mentha Hynes-Wilson, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

We are currently recruiting students for the 2020-2021 NSEOF Student Advisory Committee.