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Take the trainLink Light Rail

The Tacoma Link Light Rail is the FREE way to get around downtown Tacoma!

The Link Light Rail travels 1.6 miles from the Tacoma Dome Station to the Theater District on 9th and Commerce, with three stops in between — including one right in front of campus on Pacific Avenue. The trains are scheduled to arrive every 12 minutes and have right-of-way to traffic. The trains operate 365 days of the year.

Sounder Commuter Rail

Sounder commuter trains run between Seattle and Tacoma. The stations offer free parking (except King Street Station in Seattle), bike lockers and/or racks, weather protection and ticket vending machines. Most have connecting bus service.

The trains stop in Tukwila, Kent, Sumner and Puyallup in between. The U-PASS covers your fare and the Link light rail will get you from the Tacoma Dome station to UW Tacoma.

Seattle Link Light Rail

The Seattle Link light rail runs from Sea-Tac airport to downtown Seattle (and will reach the UW Seattle campus starting in 2016). The U-PASS is also valid for fares on the Seattle Link.