UW Tacoma Transportation Advisory Board

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U-Pass Strategies

•Keep the cost of a student UPASS down by encouraging students to supporting a universal benefit to students.

•This has to be approved by students by student vote slated for April 16th through 27th.  Should the vote not be approved by students, the cost of the U-Pass could double in price to cover expenses.

•If students are paying for something, they’re more likely to use it.

•Create less demand for parking on campus as students are more likely to use mass transit.

•Incentivizing sustainable transportation options.

•Decrease the campus carbon footprint.


Transportation Advisory Board - Letter of Charge

Our Mission

To serve as representative of the interests of the student body in regard to the development of current and future transportation programs, including but not limited to, the UPASS. Our input will guide decisions to ensure access, viability and effectiveness of transportation options for the University of Washington Tacoma campus.

As the Transportation Advisory Board, it is the responsibility of its members, in collaboration with Transportation Services, to advise, report, and make recommendation to the UW Tacoma administration in regards to Transportation Service programs and policies.

2017-2018 Board Members

Emmett Kang, Director of University Affairs, ASUWT

Sarah Cho, Studnet

Emily Casebeer, Student

Galen Guffy, Administrative Assistant Supervisor, Finance

LeAnne Laux-Bachand, M.A., Lecturer, SIAS

James Sinding, Auxiliary Services and Transportation Services Manager

Zack Hasemann, Auxiliary Services Program Assistant, Finance



Transportation Advisory Board - Overview: Who we are, why we are here, UPASS vote introduction


UW Tacoma UPASS Program - Evaluation and recommendation on program proposals for Spring 2017

February 9th - UPASS, Education & Outreach for student transportation awareness

February 23rd, Final Proposal Discussion, Voting, Transportation Campaign

March 9th, Proposal Vote, Outreach Campaign with Alta Planning and Downtown on the Go

Upcoming Meetings

Wednesday, November 1st 12:00-1:00 PM, TPS 110

Meeting Minutes

Autumn 2017


Winter/Spring 2017

January 12th, Kick-off meeting

February 9th, UPASS Proposals, Education & Outreach

February 23rd, Final Proposal Discussions, Voting and Transportation Campaign

March 9th, Proposal Vote and Campaign Planning with Alta and Downtown on the Go