Using your U-PASS for Paratransit Services

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Paratransit eligible U-PASS members can use U-PASS to pay for paratransit trips. When booking a trip, you must identify that you have a valid U-PASS in order to use your U-PASS to pay your fare. Additional instructions by transit agency are provided below.

King County Metro Access

Access-eligible riders should call 206-205-5000; press 4 and then 2 to report to Access Customer Service that they have a U-PASS. Through September 2011, riders can also call 206-749-4250, ext. 4492 to reach the Access ORCA specialist.

Community Transit Dial a Ride (DART)

At the time of booking their DART trips, U-PASS members should identify themselves and identify that they are going to pay for their DART ride with a U-PASS. When they board to ride, they should just show their U-PASS to the driver.

Kitsap Transit

When scheduling a ride on Kitsap Transit ACCESS, the customer should let us the Customer Service Representative know that they are a U-PASS member. An administrative staff person will than verify the pass and mark their file. It is not necessary for the rider to show their pass to the operator.

Pierce Transit

SHUTTLE eligible riders should call 253-581-8100 to report to SHUTTLE Customer Service that they have a U-PASS.

Everett Transit

When scheduling a ride on Everett Para Transit, the customer should let the Customer Service Representative know they are a U-PASS cardholder and will be paying the fare with a U-PASS. When boarding the Everett Para Transit van, the customer will need to show the U-PASS to the operator.

Inter-county Paratransit Transfer Trips

Riders who book an inter-county paratransit transfer trip via their home agency pay only on their home agency bus, and thus only need to notify that agency that they have a U-PASS. Riders who directly book a trip with another agency for a trip that begins with that agency are expected to pay full fare for that trip, and thus should also notify that agency that they have a U-PASS.

For example, an Everett Paratransit customer booking an inter-county trip from Everett to Tacoma would notify Everett Paratransit that they have a U-PASS (per procedures established at Everett Paratransit). Everett Paratransit would schedule the round trip to and from Tacoma, and the rider would only pay full fare each time they board Everett Paratransit (the home agency) no matter how many buses they ride. If this same customer calls King County Metro to book a trip or round trip on Access from Seattle to another destination in King County, they need to pay Access’ fare and/or notify King County Metro that they will be paying with a U-PASS.