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UW Tacoma Parking Rate Increases coming July 1, 2019

UW Tacoma Transportation Services has been reviewing parking rates across the Tacoma campus.

The parking rates for the Tacoma campus were last updated 10 years ago. This has caused them to fall well below the market rate and not cover the operating and maintenance expenses of existing parking facilities.

Among the reasons for the rate increases are:

  • Funding for deferred maintenance of existing aging parking facilities
  • Allow Transportation Services to allot funding for capital costs of additional parking facilities
  • Software upgrades for better management of parking operations
  • Right size rates per facility to align correctly between historic and newer facilities
  • Allows UWT Transportation Services to subsidize and provide reduced permit rates at the Tacoma Dome, Lot A
  • Allows campus to maintain a lower cost UPASS rate

Transportation Services is hosted open houses throughout the process. Below are the date, time, and locations of Transportation Services Open Houses:

•April 9th- Columbia Bank Lobby, WPH 12:00pm-1:30pm- UW Tacoma Parking Rates
•April 16th- Ground Floor TPS 12:00pm-1:30pm- UW Tacoma Parking Rates and City of Tacoma On-street 
•April 22nd – Columbia Bank Lobby, WPH 10:00am- 12:00pm- WAC 478-118 Update


UW Tacoma Universal UPASS for Students Starts Spring 2019

Watch this space for the latest news about commuting to UW Tacoma!

Scooter Rentals Available from Lime and Bird!

The city of Tacoma has permitted Lime and Bird to pilot scooter rentals city wide! By using an app on your mobile device you can rent scooters minute or hour. 

Lime and Bird both currently offer electric scooters for rent. These scooters are also available throughout the city of Tacoma.

How it works

  1. Download the Lime app  or Bird app on your Apple or Android device.
  2. Locate a scooter available for rent using the app, or find one parked around campus.
  3. Scan the QR code on the handle bars of the scooter in the app to unlock.
  4. Ride away!
  5. Once your ride is done, park the scooter at a bike rack or designated scooter parking location around campus. Take a photo of the scooter parked in it's location and press end rental on the app.

Regulations & Best Practices

  • Wear a helmet. It’s the law in Pierce County to where a helmet when operating a scooter. If you need help obtaining a helmet, check out Downtown on the Go! shop for some affordable options, or contact Transportation Services.
  • Do not ride on sidewalk or designated bike lanes. Scooters should be operated in traffic lanes only while wearing a helmet. Look out for "Walk Only Zones."
  • Park at a bike rack or designated scooter parking location. Although scooters can be parked in the right of way (the area between the sidewalk and the curb) in other parts of Tacoma, scooters must be parked at a bike rack or designated scooter parking location on campus. Make sure scooters are not blocking any sidewalk, doorway, ramp, or any place where it could block pedestrian or vehicle traffic.
  • Obey all traffic laws and campus policies. Always yield to pedestrians, and practice safe riding techniques when cruising around campus. Check out our general bicycle and scooter safety tips and rules here.
  • Do a safety check before you ride. Make sure the wheels aren’t flat and the brakes are in working order (give them a squeeze) before operating the scooter. Report any damage directly to Lime or Bird app.

For more information about rules and policies about operating a scooter on campus refer to Chapter 478-118 WAC.

Reporting Improperly Parked Scooters

If a scooter is parked in a place where it shouldn’t be, there are a few options for reporting it:

  • Contact Lime or Bird directly by reporting the scooter as mis-parked in the app.
  • Contact Transportation Services at transit@uw.edu or 253.692.5660.
  • Contact Facilities Services at facility@uw.edu or 253.692.5700.

We offer many incentive programs throughout the year that reward you for driving alone to & from campus! Check out http://www.piercetrips.com/ for the latest campaign, and be sure to pay attention to the deadlines and enter your trips via their Commute Calendar! Good luck!!

You can be a Zipster too....Wheels when you want them!

Have you thought about taking transit to campus, but think that you need a car sometimes to run errands? Be a Zipster! We've got two Zipcars on campus (located on 17th street and Commerce entrance, and Market Street across from the University Y) for students, staff, faculty and the community to use 24/7. Zipcar's discounted rates include gas, insurance, and maintenance. So if you want to try a commuting alternative but worry that you may still need a car for errands, road trips, shopping, etc. you can use a Zipcar! More information about our Zipcar program can be found here: http://www.tacoma.uw.edu/about-uw-tacoma/getting-campus/zipcar-university-washington-tacoma

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