Global Ambassadors Program

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**Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all Global Ambassadors meetings and events will take place online during Winter 2021**

Autumn 2020 Global Ambassadors Meetings

Winter 2021 Meetings

Please join us via Zoom (Meeting ID: 995 8915 6986) every other Friday from 12:30-1:30 pm. 

  • January 8th, 22nd
  • February 5th, 19th
  • March 5th

On February 19th, we will be joining the Discussion Panel on the SARS-COV 2 (COVID19) Vaccine.
Zoom Meeting ID: 981 8456 3282
Passcode: 535119
Dr. Doepker from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle
And UW-Tacoma Faculty:
Dr. Jutta Heller, Dr. Margaret "Meg" Henderson, and Dr. Marc Nahmani.

What is the Global Ambassadors Program?

The Global Ambassadors Program seeks to create globally minded members from the standpoint of cultural humility and sincere connections between our local and global communities. We believe this is principally developed in the interpersonal connections we make with those around us. Therefore the program develops relationships between domestic and international students through bi-weekly social opportunities and mandatory monthly discussions about social justice issues that are important both locally and globally. The program reflects UW Tacoma's urban-serving mission through dedicated work in developing members' interest and understanding of social justice issues while providing real ways in which members are encouraged to be involved on our campus and in our community.  

Monthly social activities give members an opportunity to get to know each other as more than just peers, but as friends as well, allowing for a real international network to develop amongst members. The social activities also give members the opportunity to reflect on the social justice issues we will examine in a less structured space where they can see how issues manifest in our everyday lives.

Who Should Participate?

  • Students seeking new ways to get involved on campus and create meaningful change 
  • Students interested in social justice issues
  • Students interested in having a global learning experience 
  • Students interested in developing new relationships with their peers
  • Both domestic and international students are welcome!

Why Participate?

  • Members will be able to articulate what cultural humility means, what the importance of it is, and how they endorse it in their daily lives.nbsp;
  • Members will discover both uniqueness and commonality within the intersectionalities of their identity with others.
  • Members will be able to reflect on their inherent biases objectively, based on their cultural awareness from both a local and an international lens. 
  • Members will become empowered at collaboration on deeper, more complex issues, beyond surface level observations, to glean the impact their actions as individuals can have on their roles within local and global communities.
  • Members will learn how to build meaningful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, both within and without the cohort, and develop techniques to feel more comfortable and better prepared to have civil conversations with people of differing cultures or views.

Global Ambassadors Benefits

By participating in the Global Ambassadors program, members will gain skills focused on cultural humility, leadership, adaptability, tolerance and global citizenry:  

  • International students can gain insights into university life and have a more immersive experience 
  • All members have the opportunity to become more connected with the UW Tacoma community 

  • Find new spaces in our community to get involved with and begin creating real life impacts 

Global Ambassadors that complete the cohort requirements will receive a personalized letter of recommendation written by the Office of Global Affairs staff explaining all the skills and experiences the student has gained through their participation in the program. This letter can be used when applying for internships, scholarships, employment, graduate school, etc. 

Time Commitment

All Global Ambassador Program activities are geared towards enriching the student experience on our campus. We work to assure activities are meaningful and enjoyable for all members. 

  • Global Ambassadors should be committed to spending at least 4-5 hours each month participating in Global Ambassador activities. Examples of these activities are below: 
    • Required monthly Global Ambassadors cohort meeting 
    • Attending at least 3 social activities each quarter (these are planned at different times of the day on different days of the week to make sure we capture everyone's availability).
    • Participating in weekly UWTea Time 
    • Attend end of the year retreat
    • Complete an end of the year reflection. 

Next Steps


Application Deadline:  Rolling application cycles, apply now!


Jordan Monroe 

Global Ambassadors Coordinator 


Bowling with visiting students from Brazil

Bowling with visiting students from Brazil 

Orientation name game with yarn!

Learning names at Orientation

Hilltop Urban Garden presentation

Hilltop Urban Garden presentation during our Food Insecurity cohort meeting

Trip to the farmer's market

Trip to the Farmer's Market 

Members participating in social identity wheel activity

Members participating in social identity wheel activity

Holiday gift exchange at winter celebration!