Mission and Learning Outcomes

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Global Ambassadors Mission

We believe diverse UW Tacoma students possess the power to create meaningful interpersonal, community and global connections that build positive social change. In this program, domestic and international student members will engage in a yearlong 'social group’ where together we explore community issues through dialogue and service.

The Global Ambassadors Program seeks to create globally minded membersfrom the standpoint of cultural humility and through a sincere connection between our local and global communities. The program reflects UWT’s urban serving mission through dedicated work in developing members' interest and understanding of social justice issues while providing real ways in which members are encouraged to be involved on our campus and in our community.  

Global Ambassadors Learning Outcomes

  • Members will be able to articulate what cultural humility means, why it’s important, and how they use it in their everyday lives 
  • Members will be able to identify three examples of power, privilege, and/or oppression in the community considering a local and international lens. 
  • Members will learn how to build meaningful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and learn to feel more comfortable having civil conversations with people of differing opinions.
  • Members will be able to reflect on their biases, privileges, and the general intersectionality of their identity.