Bamford Fellowship in Global Engagement

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Through the support of the Bamford Foundation, the Institute for Innovation and Global Engagement is pleased to promote an exciting research and scholarship opportunity for UW Tacoma undergraduates. The Program puts forth an annual call for proposals for research teams to embark on a year-long project that will enhance both faculty and student research agendas.

The Bamford Fellowship in Global Engagement (BFGE) is intended to:

  • Provide a guided research experience for Global Honors students
  • Promote UW study abroad programs
  • Enhance undergraduate research in global issues
  • Promote global engagement, citizenship, and leadership
  • Enhance relevance between academic research and community service

The Fellowship will typically support up to three research teams each academic year, each consisting of two Global Honors students and one faculty advisor. Students must be in good standing of Global Honors requirements and on track to complete the full Minor in Global Engagement.

Candidates are invited to identify team partners and submit joint research proposals in the winter quarter of their first year with Global Honors. A faculty sub-committee of the Global Honors Council will assess proposals according to the criteria and objectives listed below. Successful applications will be announced at the IIGE Global Engagement Conference in May, and research activities, which may include study abroad*, will commence in Autumn of the students' second (or third) year with the Program. Each project will culminate in the students' capstone theses and team presentations at the IIGE Global Engagement Conference prior to program completion/graduation.

*Official, for-credit UW study abroad only (ie. student fellows are not permitted to undertake independent international travel as part of a BFGE research project).

Objectives and Benefits

All Global Honors students submit capstones in Spring of their second (or third) year with the Program. The Bamford Fellowship in Global Engagement is an opportunity to expand this engaging endeavor and make an original academic contribution that directly serves local communities. Benefits include:

  • A unique opportunity to enhance undergraduate research portfolios
  • The esteem, recognition, and personal satisfaction of producing, presenting, and publicly sharing (via the Digital Commons) a collaborative research project
  • A $2000 award for each student to cover research expenses, including conference attendance, domestic travel and UW study abroad
  • Development of a highly desirable skill set that will open doors to post-graduate and professional opportunities

Faculty Benefits

UW Tacoma faculty are also invited to consider the benefits of partnering with Global Honors students in the Bamford Fellowship in Global Engagement. These include:

  • A mutually rewarding opportunity to mentor critically engaged and highly motivated UW Tacoma undergraduates
  • Sustained collaboration that can complement globally themed faculty research agendas
  • A platform to promote interdisciplinary accomplishments at the IIGE Global Engagement Conference
  • $1000 Faculty award

Application Criteria

Successful proposals will explore an issue or issues that fall within one of the following areas:

  • Global Innovation and Design
  • Health and Human Rights
  • Climate and Environment
  • Media and Security
  • Globalism

These themes are explained and possible examples are included in the call for proposals. Successful applications will also include a feasible timeline of proposed research activities; clearly demonstrate how the project will serve both student and faculty agendas; and clearly explain the implications of research for community development. More details are contained in the Cover Sheet and Application Checklist and Application Form.

Application Deadline

2020-21 BFGE deadline: March 20, 2020

Complete applications must include items 1 and 2 below:

  1. Cover Sheet and Application Checklist
  2. Application Form
  3. Call for Proposals

BFGE proposals are typically due at the end of the Winter quarter preceding the academic year in which the proposed research will be conducted.