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Academic engagement defines Global Honors, but our students' activities transcend the traditional classroom setting to include conference opportunities and co-curricular, social, and service activities. Some of these are 'officially' arranged by the Program, but students are welcome to take ownership of their experience and initiate their own ideas. Some of these are explored below.

The Global Honors Student Leadership Council (SLC)

All Global Honors students are members of the SLC. Participation in SLC meetings and activities (typically 2-3 times per quarter) is optional but strongly encouraged, and opportunities for involvement are abundant. Each Spring, SLC Co-Chairs are elected by their classmates, and these leaders are tasked to schedule meetings, brainstorm a quarterly calendar of events, and enable their peers to come up with their own activities - all Global Honors students are considered to be emerging leaders, and they have the freedom to lead projects that are of personal interest and value. For information on the SLC Co-Chair role, see the SLC Guidelines & Expectations.

2020-21 SLC Co-Chairs: 

Chanise Jackson and Andre Jimenez

Global Honors Service Activities

Community service is taken very seriously by UW Tacoma and the Global Honors Program. Indeed, global engagement and local engagement go hand in hand. In addition to discussing civic responsibilities and objectives in-class, the Program reaches out to South Sound partners to put theory into practice. Program-initiated service activities have included habitat restoration projects around Commencement Bay (pictured, right), and SLC-initiated activities have included stints at the UWT Giving Garden. Students are also regularly informed of opportunities arranged by other UWT departments.

Global Honors Workshops

A wealth of resources are available throughout campus and beyond, but it can take time to learn what they are and how best to enjoy them. UWT guests sometimes attend Global Honors classes to explain these to our students, but special workshops are often scheduled too (pictured, right). The SLC is asked to identify areas of pressing interest, and as a result recent workshops have included introductions to library resources, grad school financing, academic writing, and other themes. If you have an idea, let us know!

Global Honors Socials

The Global Honors Reading Room is a designated study area for the exclusive use of Global Honors students. But it also serves as an excellent meeting space for them to unwind between classes. Animated conversations often spill out of the classroom and into casual get-togethers both here and off campus. Periodically, the Program also hosts lunchtime potlucks where students can enjoy the home-cooked offerings of Global Honors faculty and staff or bring their own contributions (pictured, right)!


Attending a conference in an academic field or another area of interest is a wonderful way for students to network, discover career options and learn.

How to apply for conference funding

UWT students are eligible for Student Involvement's Conference and Training Fund. Global Honors students may also be eligible for the IIGE Conference & Travel Grant (up to $750). Contact the IIGE office at for information on the IIGE Conference & Travel Grant.

National and Regional Honors Conferences

Each year, Global Honors faculty and staff attend the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) conference (typically held in November) and the Western Regional Honors Council (WRHC) conference (typically held in March or April). Proposals may be considered for students to attend too, with limited funding available from Global Honors to cover registration, transportation and/or accommodation. Contact the IIGE office at for more information.

Post-graduation Opportunities