Community Engagement

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The Institute for Innovation and Global Engagement (IIGE) is a portal for globally-focused experiential learning and community engagement through its Student Engagement Program. Placing collaboration, innovation, cultural understanding, and diversity at its core, the IIGE enters partnerships and collaborations locally and globally to connect students to experiences that invigorate classroom learning and that ensure their success in professional careers and graduate studies. Its high profile Community Advisory Board plays an active role in the design and implementation of a range of enrichment programs in global learning, and aids in the development of a dynamic network of partners invested in student success.

Tacoma’s position as a global port city along the Pacific Rim – with an intricate web of historic, economical, technological, cultural and social connections to the world beyond – lends depth to local-global interactions. It illustrates the continuity and integration of local and global engagement, and makes the urban-serving objectives of the Institute for Innovation and Global Engagement ripe with possibility for business and community partnerships. These collaborations help shape empirical questions, sponsor courses of study, and facilitate the execution of practical outcomes for local development.

For specific ways to get involved, please contact Associate Vice Chancellor Divya McMillin (