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The Global Honors curriculum is highly interdisciplinary. Research and experiential learning projects are driven by compelling questions that require rich diversity in academic background as well as lived experience. With an emphasis on depth and rigor of research, students develop considerable expertise within areas that might be somewhat familiar to their major, and are able to stretch their thinking and studies to  include new academic territory. The inclusion of multiple perspectives and case studies from around the world enhances the academic experience and places the Global Honors graduate on a path to success beyond the university.

Core courses are unified through themes and faculty represent all majors across campus. Under the close guidance of core faculty and advisers, students complete capstone theses and projects that are presented to campus and community at the annual Global Engagement Conference.

Our students tackle the challenges and rewards of this holistic experience as part of a close-knit cohort. They come to trust in one another's support in a way that isn't easy to reproduce in a conventional classroom setting. However, they also enjoy a highly individual learning process, drawing their own conclusions based upon personal areas of interest, experience, and aspiration.

First-Year Curriculum

Quarter Course code Course title Credits
Autumn T GH 203 Themes in Global Honors 5 credits
Autumn T GH 300 Re-orienting the Global 2 credits
Winter T GH 301 Global Interactions 5 credits
Spring T GH 302 Global Imaginations 5 credits

Second-Year Curriculum

Quarter Course code Course title Credits
Autumn T GH 303 Global Challenges 5 credits
Winter T GH 490 Research Methods 2 credits
Spring T GH 491 Thesis Symposium 1 credit
Spring T GH 494, 495 or 496 Thesis, Reflection or Internship Capstone 2-5 credits