Finding a Capstone Advisor

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Choosing a Faculty Advisor

In order to undertake the thesis, reflection essay, or internship, Global Honors students must have a faculty advisor who has agreed in writing to serve in this capacity. The faculty advisor's roles are to help and guide students in the formulation of research questions, ideas, and approach, to supervise progress and execution of the work, and to serve as the arbiter of the work's excellence. The faculty advisor is the instructor of record.

Once students have given some thought to their research topic(s), the next step is to find a suitable faculty advisor. A Global Honors capstone faculty advisor must be:

  • A full-time UW Tacoma faculty member;
  • Whose fields of academic expertise should be appropriate and potentially helpful to your capstone work; and
  • With whom the student has spoken about interests and with whom the student can work well.

Formalizing the Appointment

The next step in the process is to contact the Assistant Director to request the appropriate capstone credit form (for T GH 494, T GH 495, or T GH 496) which spells out the student's and advisor's obligations and relationship. Before embarking on the capstone work, the signed letter of appointment must be on file in the Global Honors Program office.

This document must be signed by the faculty advisor, by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Global Engagement, and by the student. It is the student's responsibility to see that both the Global Honors office and your faculty advisor receive copies signed by all three parties. The student should also keep a copy.