Finding a Study Abroad Program

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Global Honors students often study abroad during the summer between their sophomore and junior or junior and senior years. But you may also study abroad during the academic year. When choosing a program, you should consider:

  • Location
  • Duration of program
  • Course content
  • Prerequisites for program
  • Cost

If you choose the option to study abroad, you may do so at any time in your junior year or by December of your senior year.

You can choose among programs offered by UW Tacoma, UW Seattle and UW Bothell. You can also choose an unaffiliated program.

Study abroad programs

International internships

International volunteer work

Another way to have a meaningful experience abroad is to volunteer. There are many organizations for volunteer abroad (those listed below are only a few examples). However, it is unlikely that you will earn academic credit unless an independent study is arranged with a UW Tacoma professor. An academic paper or readings will likely be added to the volunteer experience in order to grant credit.