Annual Global Engagement Conference

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The IIGE's annual Global Engagement Conference is the premiere showcase for undergraduate capstone projects in Global Honors, and is held in late May each year. In recent years we have also invited and accepted the participation of students from area institutions. Each year we look forward to a strong Global Honors senior cohort presence, and hope you join us! Stay tuned for dates and speakers.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be offering the Global Engagement Conference in a digital format for Spring 2021. 

Conference themes include:

  • Global Innovation & Design:  Themes include design thinking for community solutions, social innovations for community development, and grassroots and participatory communication for social change.
  • Climate & Environment:  Themes include climate activism, food/water access and scarcity, environmental degradation and pollution, and frameworks and tools for sustainability.
  • Globalism:  Themes include frameworks of globalism, nativism, and diaspora.
  • Health & Human Rights:  Themes include the interconnectedness of the body, community and environment. Special focus is given to the various ways that these elements serve as social determinants of health. Also included are topics related to population health, migration and refugee flows, and indigenous rights and recognition around the world.
  • Media & Security:  Themes include the political economy, content and consumption of transnational media. Also included are the implications of the proliferation of social media and fake news, as well as the challenges of soft power and cyber surveillance.

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