Global Research Paper/Project Award

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The IIGE Global Research Paper/Project Award is funded by the Bamford Foundation. It is intended to incentivize and reward outstanding undergraduate paper assignments, enhance research on global issues, promote scholarly writing skills, and promote global engagement, citizenship, and leadership.

The award is currently available to Global Honors and GID students only. Each quarter (excluding summer), Global Honors and GID instructors nominate a total of six papers submitted by students enrolled in Global Honors core courses. Of these, two are selected by a sub-committee of the Global Honors Faculty Council to receive a $500 award. Typically, six awards are granted each academic year.

The Global Honors core curriculum consists of TGH 301 Global Interactions, TGH 302 Global Imaginations, and TGH 303 Global Challenges. Among other rigorous requirements, these courses require written assignments including but not limited to literature reviews, theory papers, and research papers. As honors assignments, the expectation is that these papers demonstrate strong scholarly merit.

Papers must be scholarly in content and format, and address a global topic. If the course/instructor does not require substantial written assignments, outstanding final projects (eg. artistic or otherwise creative projects) that satisfy these expectations may also be nominated. In such cases, additional documentation may be required to help contextualize the project in question.

Nominations are reviewed and winners selected by a two-person committee of the IIGE Faculty Council.