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The UW Tacoma Honors Executive Committee (HEC) is the designee of the representative Global Honors Faculty Council to collaborate with the Global Honors Executive Director in the development and oversight of Major Honors and Major Integrated Honors pathways.

In Winter 2020, the HEC will host Integrated Honors Workshops on Wednesday, February 12, and Wednesday, March 11, at 12:30-1:20pm in CP 303.

The HEC will meet on Wednesday, February 19, and Wednesday, March 18, at 12:00-1:00pm in CP 308.

HEC members include:

Divya McMillin, PhD

Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation & Global Engagement​

Professor of Global Media Studies, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Dr. Divya McMillin is winner of the 2012 Distinguished Reseach and 2017 Distinguished Teaching Awards, the highest recognitions of scholarship and teaching offered to faculty at the University of Washington Tacoma. She is Professor of Global Media Studies and teaches courses on Asian film, non-western television audiences, critical research methods, and media globalization. As leader of the Global Honors Program, McMillin teaches Honors orientation and capstone courses, working closely with students to develop excellence in undergraduate research. Under her leadership, the Global Honors Program has more than doubled its graduates, secured a Global Scholar merit award for each student, and developed fully-funded international research opportunities for undergraduates.

Ji-Hyun Ahn, PhD

Associate Professor of Global Media Studies, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Dr. Ji-Hyun Ahn was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea until she started her doctoral studies in the US in 2008. She received a BA degree in English Literature from Sogang University in 2005 (Summa Cum Laude). She received an MA degree in Visual Communication from the Graduate School of Communication & Arts in Yonsei University in 2007 and PhD in Media Studies in the Department of Radio-Television-Film at The University of Texas at Austin in 2013. She joined the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at the University of Washington Tacoma as an Assistant Professor in September 2013. At UW Tacoma, she teaches courses on media globalization and inter-Asian media/cultural studies.

Dr. Ahn's primary research topic focuses on racial reconfiguration in East Asia as influenced by the massive flow of global migration today and the spectacularization of racial bodies on the screen in contemporary South Korean television. Considering race as a fundamental principle shaping global social order, her aim is to theoretically understand the complex nature of current racial globalization coupled with the transnational circulation of media and cultural texts in East Asia.

Joanne Clarke Dillman, PhD

Associate Director, Global Honors Program and Institute for Innovation & Global Engagement

Senior Lecturer in Culture, Arts and Communication, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Dr. Joanne Clarke Dillman teaches a variety of film classes, from Introduction to Film Studies, to Feminist Perspectives, Media Genres and Film Theory and Aesthetics, among others. She also teaches an Introduction to Screenwriting class. She has taught in both the Core Program and continues to teach in Global Honors. Her focus and home program is in Arts, Media, and Culture. Dr. Clarke Dillman’s degrees include a bachelors from Brown University, MFA in Film from Columbia University, and PhD from George Mason University, with areas of specialization in Visual Culture and Feminist Media Studies. Joanne's PhD's work is on the intersection of issues of gender, class and power in American visual culture, with an emphasis on film. Her book, "Women and Death in Film, Television and News: Dead But Not Gone," was published in November, 2014.

As a Global Honors Faculty Coordinator, Dr. Clarke Dillman supports the Executive Director, faculty, staff, and students in the development and execution of several Program initiatives, including Integrated Global Honors and the annual Global Engagement Conference.

Sonia De La Cruz, PhD

Assistant Professor in Culture, Arts and Communication, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Dr. Sonia De La Cruz is an Assistant Professor in Communication at the University of Washington, Tacoma and a faculty associate at the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies (Seattle). Her scholarship broadly focuses on media activism, international and development communication, alternative and community-driven media, and methodologically, she engages various collaborative media practices. Her research centers on US Latinx and Latin American communities, including indigenous peoples of the Americas, but has also focused on the experiences of other marginalized communities, such as immigrants and refugees. De La Cruz is also a documentary filmmaker who has produced social-cultural and ethnographic documentaries where she addresses various human rights and social justice issues and has produced digital video projects for non-profits and international NGOs.

Sally Murphy, MA

Assistant Director, Global Honors Program and Institute for Innovation & Global Engagement

As Assistant Director, Sally Murphy will serve as the program administrator and principle student advisor for the Global Honors Program. Sally will support the Executive Director, staff and students by developing and implementing an inclusive structure within the Global Honors Program that integrates globally focused coursework with academic majors across campus. 

Sally obtained her B.A. in Sociology from the University of California, Davis, and later her M.A. in International Education from New York University, where her research focused on global education, international development and education, peace and conflict and cross cultural exchange. Sally's professional background has been focused in international education, student services, study abroad programming and faculty collaborations.

Originally from California, Sally relocated to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to family and continue her career in global education. She is passionate about international education, serving students and traveling around the world as often as possible.

Christine Stevens, PhD

Associate Professor, Nursing and Healthcare Leadership

Dr. Christine Stevens is an associate professor in the UW Tacoma Nursing and Healthcare programs. She received her Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science from the University of Washington. Her research focuses on social justice and how structural disadvantages affect health especially in low-income residents and adolescent populations focusing on housing and food insecurity.  Dr. Stevens uses participatory research to develop long-term relationships with communities and partners with residents to develop interventions that are relevant at the local level.

Her teaching focuses on the social determinants of health, using social marketing to address social justice in communities, exploring how popular film and media construct our view of adolescents especially in terms of race, class, and gender. She was given the UWT Distinguished Teaching award in 2012 and featured in the Provost 2014 series of Innovators among us: Using technology to engage students.

As a Global Honors Faculty Coordinator, Dr. Stevens supports the Executive Director, faculty, staff, and students in the development and execution of several Program initiatives including recruiting faculty for Global Honors core seminars, supporting their experience in the Program, and overseeing the Global Honors curriculum, including the development of new core courses.