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The Institute for Innovation and Global Engagement (IIGE) promotes a globally engaged university through collaborations and partnerships that connect the classroom to the world. As a portal for globally-focused experiential learning and community engagement, it advances the University of Washington's imperative to be boundless, and adds momentum to UW Tacoma's strategic goal to advance global learning. Among other transformative international and cross-cultural experiences, this includes the promotion of for-credit University of Washington Study Abroad.
Through the generous support of the Bamford Foundation, the IIGE invites UW Tacoma students to apply for one of up to fifteen (15) awards of $1000 each to help fund their participation in UW Study Abroad each year. Awards may be used for study abroad program fees, flights, and incidental expenses while studying abroad.
Applications are accepted in Winter quarter for UW Study Abroad programs scheduled within the same calendar year.
Applications will be reviewed and winners will be selected by a committee of UW Tacoma faculty and staff, appointed by the IIGE office (see below).


  • To promote UW Tacoma student participation in UW Study Abroad.
  • To enable students who have not previously studied/traveled abroad or who would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so to participate in UW Study Abroad.
  • To promote cross-cultural understanding.
  • To promote global engagement, citizenship, and leadership.

Student Eligibility

Current University of Washington Tacoma students who have applied or plan to apply to a study abroad program or internship through UW Tacoma Study Abroad, UW Seattle Study Abroad, or UW Bothell Study Abroad. Programs should typically be at least three weeks in length and should be a minimum of 5 credits.* Students who have not previously studied/traveled abroad or who plan to travel outside of highly westernized/developed areas (i.e. Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) are especially encouraged to apply.

*Students applying to study abroad programs lasting fewer than three weeks, or programs offered by non-UW organizations (e.g. specialized/private study abroad companies) may be eligible if the program in question may nonetheless be applied to UW academic credit. In these or similar circumstances, please contact the IIGE office directly to determine eligibility.

Applicants who are also Global Honors students, and who intend to apply their study abroad to a Global Honors capstone, must complete a program of at least three weeks in length.

Amount of the Award

Up to fifteen (15) awards of $1000 each.

Application Process

During the Winter application cycle, applications may be submitted via the link at the bottom of this page. Applicants must answer a series of questions and include:

  • An up-to-date resume/CV.
  • A brief application statement, explaining their interest in a specific study abroad program (up to 500 words).
  • A personal statement, explaining how study abroad fits or complements their academic and career goals, and how the experience will impact their understanding of themselves and others (up to 1000 words).

Other expectations are outlined in the IIGE Study Abroad Award Guidelines.

Application Deadline

March 13, 2020 

Review Process and Criteria

Applications will be submitted to a committee consisting of UW Tacoma faculty and staff. Committee members will be invited to serve based upon their experience working in contexts/capacities relating to global, international and cross-cultural education. The committee will receive a rubric to assess application and personal statements, and decisions will be based upon student need and merit.