Meet Andre Henderson (Social Work and Global Honors)

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Andre joined Global Honors in Autumn 2020 and is majoring in Social Work.

"My work has enabled me to see the ways in which my experiences are tied to systemic and institutional forces that influence the lives of many community college students. It has given me a sense of empowerment and agency to use my past as a way of connecting with other students, with college efforts to close equity gaps, and with broader movements for social justice. Through it all, I have had to overcome many challenges, including the ongoing struggle of recovery, the stigma of incarceration, and my own doubts that I could succeed in college and in life. The greatest gift I’ve received since attending college has been the understanding that my potential is not limited by my past. As I enter the next phase of my educational journey, I will continue to use my voice to help those around me recognize their full potential as learners and leaders who can change their communities and the world. I believe Global Honors will be the catalyst to the net level of my development."

Andre is a member of the Access to Justice Community Advisory Board and the Civil Survival Reentry Legal Aid Project. He received a 2020-21 Civic Leadership Fellowship to work with the UWT Husky Post-Prison Pathways (HP3) program on an independent project in which he identifies pathways from prison to and through universities in our region, as well as resources needed to navigate these pathways and ways of accessing these resources.