Meet Ashley Douthett (IAS and Global Honors)

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Ashley joined Global Honors in Autumn 2013 and majored in Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences.
"Because I am the oldest of four children, I try my best to set the bar high and provide an example for my lovely siblings to follow - to let them know that anything is possible if you are dedicated enough to pursue your dreams. The Global Honors Program has given me the opportunity to challenge myself in ways I never have before, and to dream big. I initially applied because I figured it would add distinction to my Bachelor's degree and look good on a resume, but as my second quarter in the Program begins, I am realizing it is so much more than just some fancy words on paper; Global Honors is an experience. Not only am I broadening my horizons by learning to view the world through a different lens, but I am doing so while making lasting bonds with my peers in the cohort. Global Honors continues to provide me with many opportunities to reach out, explore and research, and I am very much looking forward to what the next year and a half has in store."