Meet Bronwyn Clarke (PPE and Global Honors)

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Bronwyn graduated in June 2016 with a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE).

" Four aspects of the Global Honors experience stand out as adding significant value to my undergraduate education. First, the people: Prior to GH, I'd never experienced being in a room full of 10-15 passionate, curious, fun, and super-smart students and peers. The fact that we were all so interested and engaged made learning alongside each other the best educational experience of my time at UWT. Second, the instructors were fantastic. Each quarter I got to be swept into their passions and learn about a different dimension of the global mind. I really enjoyed the seminar model, as it situated everyone in the GH classroom - including us students - as valued thinkers and contributors. These class experiences gave me the confidence to believe that my voice matters, and I have something unique to contribute to the conversation. Third, the emphasis on developing a global mindset - thinking in terms of interconnectivities and interdependencies. The fact that we were encouraged to discern BOTH the positives and the negatives of globalization is an approach that I will continue to draw on. It stands in stark contrast to the unfettered pessimism of some academics and popular voices (i.e. Trump/Brexit) today. Fourth, the opportunity to do firsthand site research through the Bamford grant. I never expected doing this caliber of research so young, but it was SO eye opening! Really hard, but I'm glad I got a taste of it before I do more research in my graduate studies. Overall, GH has been the best academic experience of my time at UWT."

Bronwyn graduated summa cum laude and received the 2016 UW President's Medal. She earned a MPhil in Comparative Social Policy from Oxford University in 2018.