Meet Colin McCann (Politics, Philosophy & Economics and Global Honors)

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Colin joined the program in Autumn 2012, having first come to UWT in Autumn 2011. He is majoring in Politics, Philosphy & Economics.

"Seeing as I am a Political Science student, I am a lover of all things political... That being said, I am absolutely ecstatic to be involved with a great interdisciplinary program such as Global Honors. I really feel that it will add a whole new depth and perspective to my studies. As an active member of the local community, I can't wait to get fully involved with this program!

"The GH program not only will provide me with a broader context of the world on an interdisciplinary level, but it will add new depth to my learning experience. Another huge draw for me was the close knit learning community that the program encourages. There is something extremely appealing about the prospect of working with a group of students and professors from a wide range of disciplines to study the ever evolving global community."

Colin was featured in UWT's "We Honor Our Best" article for 2014 Commencement. Read more about his experiences and achievements here.