Meet Gabriela Romero (Global Studies and Global Honors)

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Gabriela joined Global Honors in Autumn 2020 and is majoring in Global Studies.

"I expect the Global Honors Program to elevate my learning experience and push me to new levels of thinking that I have yet to be exposed to. I am tired of taking one-sided courses that leave me feeling like I didn't actually use my critical thinking skills. We are born with the power to develop our brains in unimaginable ways, and I believe being a part of the Global Honors Program will provide the space to do just that by allowing young minds to come together to brainstorm and solve real-time issues. I genuinely want to dedicate my life to helping others, and I believe being a part of the Global Honors community will help me succeed in these dreams."

Gabriela is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and the Democratic Socialists of America Washington Chapter, and she occasionally volunteers with the Rescue Mission.