Meet Ganita Musa (Social Welfare and Global Honors)

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Ganita joined Global Honors is Autumn 2013 and is majoring in Social Welfare. She is one of four 2014-15 Bamford Fellows.

"I was born and raised in Ethiopia. In my country, not everyone is promised an education, and many do not have access to one. This is especially true for the majority of women and poor families. Women predominantly have arranged marriages before the age of eighteen and have to stay home and raise their families. However, I have always strived for the greatness of going on to college and furthering my education beyond high school.

"After moving to the United States in 2006, I struggled to learn both language and culture before I resumed my goal of going to college and pursuing higher education. I was excited when I got accepted into the University of Washington Tacoma and the Social Welfare Program.  Furthermore, having the opportunity to join the Global Honors Program was huge for me. It provided me with an opportunity to learn from other students and shift the way I look at the world.  It is a privilege that I never dreamed of to be able get accepted to this program and sit with students from different backgrounds and learn from their experiences.  In addition to the Global Honors Program, I am also a member of the Student Services Committee, the Student Social Work Organization, and the Muslim Student Association of UW Tacoma.

"Being a mother of two wonderful girls, a wife, a student, and a part time employee may not seem easy, but I believe these competing commitments can be enjoyably balanced when we work towards our greater goals.  I believe the knowledge and experience I gain from the Global Honor Program will help me to contribute in a meaningful way to both my community and the world beyond."