Meet Grace McKenney (Environmental Science and Global Honors)

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Grace joined Global Honors in Autumn 2017 and majored in Environmental Science.

"Global Honors challenged me to think more outside of the box on the topics that we covered. The interdisciplinary approach of both the in- and out-of-classroom experiences of major global topics expanded my purview of said topics. Also, I know it sounds weird and a little braggish, but it was nice to lend a science perspective to a lot of more social science minded topics when I was the only environmental science major in the room. Yet, on that same vein, it was great to learn from people who were also the only ones representing their major."

Grace graduated cum laude in June 2019. While at UW Tacoma, she received the $2000 IGE Bamford Fellowship for Global Engagement (BFGE) and the $5000 UW Mary Gates Research Scholarship. With the support of IGE Conference Travel Grants, Grace presented her undergraduate research at the Western Regional Honors Council (WRHC) Conferences in Orange, CA (2018) and Bozeman, MT (2019), as well as at the 2019 Global Engagement Conference at UW Tacoma.