Meet Jaida Noble (Arts, Media & Culture and Global Honors)

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Jaida joined Global Honors in Autumn 2020 and is majoring in Arts, Media & Culture.

"I expect the Global Honors Program to enrich my undergrad experience by getting me out of my comfort zone to try new things. I enjoy programs such as this because they challenge me to interact with others to improve my social skills. Rather than just learning about global issues, I get to work with others to actually do something about them."

Jaida has volunteered with the Conversation Partner Program (2018-2020), APCC New Year Celebration (2019/2020), and GTCF's Youth Philantropy Board (2019-2020), and she participated in TRiO (2018-2020), ASPIRE (2020), the Wadaiko Club (2018-2020), the Multicultural Leadership Institute (2018-2020), and the Emerging Leaders Association (2018-2020).