Meet Jody Matthews (IAS and Global Honors)

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Jody joined the program in Autumn 2012 as a transfer student from Tacoma Community College, and after a slight change in focus, is now majoring in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences with a minor in Global Engagement.

"I moved to Tacoma from the Everett area to reinvent my life, and also to be close to supportive extended family.  Getting a higher education was not an option for me growing up; in fact it was definitely discouraged.  However, college was always a dream that I wanted to achieve, but didn’t quite know how I could do it.  When raising my daughter as a single mother, there was no question that higher education was important for her, and I did everything I could to facilitate her success, whatever her educational pursuits.  When she left to go to graduate school I decided that maybe I could finally fulfill my dream of an education.  I started at TCC after moving from the Everett area and started my life fresh.  When I achieved my AAS I felt that I was well on my way; but since winning the Hites scholarship, which has helped me financially, and with hard work I am close to finally achieving my dream of a degree—in a field that I am very interested in.

"Being accepted into the Global Honors program was so humbling.  I am thrilled to have moved through the program with this fantastic group of people.  We have had the opportunity to delve deeply into the ideas that we are discovering, and get deeply involved in rich discussions. Sometimes when we are in our cohort, having these amazing deliberations, I think to myself; this is what I always thought college would be all about; the interplay, the exchanging of ideas, gaining knowledge, and developing comradely and life-long friendships with fantastic people.   I feel so honored and proud to be a part of this amazing cohort and delighted to come to class every week.  The experience has never lost its luster and continues to excite me!  Working full time and going to school full time has been a challenge, but one that has been worth taking on.  I am still reinventing myself and probably always will.  With the experience I have had, and the support of the Global Honors Team there is nothing I can’t see myself achieving!"