Meet Kylene Yumul (GH 2009)

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Kylene Yumul"My interest in the Global Honors program came from a lifelong desire to excel in everything I do and a conviction that nothing worth having is ever easy to achieve. I have always believed in surrounding myself with positive people, and the Program's raison d'etre of transforming the planet also fits perfectly with my dreams of making a positive impact on other people's lives and the world at large. Global Honors was a great opportunity for me to connect with people who were as open to possibilities and passionate about their education as I am.

"Through the project option for the Global Honors capstone, I was able to incorporate an artistic component to what was already a well-rounded approach to global citizenship. I encourage anyone who is up to the challenge to grow and go beyond what is already known. The process will not be simple, but it makes the results that much sweeter."'

While at UWT, Kylene majored in Arts, Media, and Culture, with a minor in Hispanic Studies, and studied abroad in Cienfuegos, Cuba in Winter 2008. She is an Iraq War veteran and now works as a Public Affairs Officer for the Department of Veterans Affairs.