Meet Margaret Lundberg (GH 2013)

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Margaret majored in Arts, Media and Culture, with a minor in Education. She was also Chair of the Global Honors Student Leadership Council. She is currently working as an office assistant for both the Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (PPPA) and Culture, Arts and Communication (CAC) divisions of IAS, as well as attending the MAIS program.

"Global Honors was an amazing experience for me on so many levels. I enjoyed the cohort style classes and supportive faculty. There were also many incredible opportunities that came my way, such as a research assistantship through the Prix Jeunesse International Conference on Children and Television in Munich, and a study abroad trip to Rome—not to mention the thrill of seeing one of my Global Honors papers published recently in an international journal.  But one of the greatest benefits was the amazing preparation that Global Honors provided me to be successful in graduate school.  Global Honors was truly the best part of an amazing educational experience—and one I highly recommend."