Meet Natalie Lawrence (Psychology and Global Honors)

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Natalie graduated in June 2018 with a BA in Psychology.

"There is not enough time for me to elaborate on what the Global Honors Program has done for my education; I could talk for days. To state it briefly, completing the minor in Global Engagement has validated me as a hardworking student, shown me what I am capable of, and challenged me academically in a way I have never been challenged before. I have the utmost confidence in the Global Honors Program; it has given me the tools to be successful in a competitive graduate program and has given me the platform to build an impressive career."

"I remember when I interviewed for the honors program, I was told that thousands of students graduate from UW every year, but was asked to reflect on how I plan to set myself apart from the many. I have not only set myself apart, I have gained a unique perspective taught from a global framework and have completed an impressive senior thesis through self-directed learning which is what the Global Honors Program affords motivated students. I came to the program with a plan to research global perspectives in sexual assault programming -- and I did just that -- having received the Bamford Fellowship in Global Engagement. Now, having left the program as a proud UW alumni, I can reflect on how my academic dreams have come true in the Global Honors Program with the help of their inspiring directors and professors."

Natalie graduated Magna Cum Laude and was a recipient of the Husky 100 Award and an IGE Bamford Fellowship in Global Engagement, which helped fund her undergraduate research in Brazil.