Meet Noelle Gichohi (Healthcare Leadership and Global Honors)

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Noelle joined Global Honors in Autumn 2012, and is majoring in Healthcare Leadership. She has volunteered to represent Global Honors at various outreach events and makes an excellent Program Ambassador.

"I decided to pursue Global Honors in order to challenge myself and also in order to gain a better perspective of global issues. So far, Global Honors classes are like no other class I have taken before.  We sit around the table and engage in discussions on issues such as industrialization, colonialism and globalization. As a cohort, we are working together by completing assigned readings and presenting our findings in class. It is not an easy class, but Global Honors offers an exciting learning environment. I am certain that by the time I graduate, I will be a well educated global citizen and it will be worth all my hard work."

Noelle was featured in UWT's "We Honor Our Best" article for 2014 Commencement. Read more about her experiences and achievements here.