Meet Wes McIntosh (Ethnic, Gender & Labor Studies and Global Honors)

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Wes joined Global Honors in Autumn 2013 and is majoring in Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies.

"Since entering the Global Honors Program, I have benefited tremendously from the experience. Being an EGL major, I have always felt it was important to have a global perspective.  I feel that one of the many strengths of the program is challenging students to approach global topics and issues from a point of view they may not have considered before. Being able to understand an issue from several different viewpoints offers one a more broad-minded approach of how to go about tackling complex problems.

"I enjoy the educational environment which allows for students to learn from their classmates through large group discussions. With such a diverse cohort, you get to interact with students from a wide range of backgrounds, and there is camaraderie amongst the group that you usually do not encounter in a regular classroom. I can honestly say I am truly humbled to be part of such a distinguished group of students."