Mission and Learning Outcomes

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Our mission is to create the conditions for ethical global engagement, to produce innovative solutions through interdisciplinary research, inclusive practice, and community engagement.

Global Honors Students will:

  1. Demonstrate enhanced skills in research, critical thinking, writing, working cooperatively, and oral communication
  2. Demonstrate ability to produce collaborative solutions for global challenges
  3. Demonstrate understanding of global interdependencies in economic, political, social, and cultural systems
  4. Demonstrate understanding of processes of globalization
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in researching, synthesizing, and presenting global topics
  6. Demonstrate understanding and appreciation of interdisciplinary perspectives

Assessment of Learning Outcomes:

(Numbers in parentheses correspond to the Learning Outcomes each assesses)

  • Papers and projects in Global Honors core seminars, maintaining a 3.3 overall grade point average (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)
  • Presentation on study abroad at lunch seminars (1)(3)
  • Completion of a capstone thesis, study abroad, or internship under the supervision of a faculty advisor, earning a 3.3 minimum grade (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)
  • Presentation at the Annual Global Engagement Conference (1)


Employers and graduate programs are keenly interested in candidates who excel above and beyond conventional degree holders in the field. Global Honors students, not least those who opt for a study abroad experience, will enjoy a competitive advantage over their peers. The core curriculum will impart students with a sophisticated understanding of the intricacies of global interactions and prepare them for the challenges of a global society.

Global Honors students may expect:

  • Membership in a highly invested, collaborative, globally aware and critically engaged community.
  • Innovative learning through integrated academic and experiential curriculum taught seminar-style by internationally reputed faculty and community leaders.
  • Eligibility for merit awards and scholarships for global research, travel, conference participation and experiential learning.
  • Professional connections and globally focused career opportunities through the Institute for Innovation & Global Engagement (IIGE).
  • Access to dynamic network of mentors and funded global learning opportunities through the IIGE’s Student Engagement Program and Distinguished Speaker Series.
  • Graduation with transcripted Global Honors distinction and Minor in Global Engagement. Certificates in Global Leadership and Global Citizenship.
  • Specialized Honors advising and enhanced access to UW opportunities.
  • Dedicated Reading Room with informal study space, computers, printers, and other resources.
  • Sophomore or junior level admission (2 and 3 year pathways).
  • Lifelong distinction and membership in dynamic and highly engaged Global Honors Alumni network.