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Institute for Global Engagement Newsletter

The quarterly Institute for Global Engagement Newsletter features official updates, developments in Global Honors, student profiles, and coverage of recent events. Global Honors students and alumni are invited to contribute directly, and new ideas for articles are always welcome. Check out previous editions using the links below.

IGE Newsletter, Autumn 2018
IGE Newsletter, Spring-summer 2018
IGE Newsletter, aUTUMN 2017-wINTER 2018
IGE Newsletter, spring 2017                          
IGE Newsletter, Autumn 2016                        
IGE Newsletter, SPRING 2016                          
IGE Newsletter, aUTUMN 2015-wINTER 2016
IGE Newsletter, Summer 2015                        
IGE Newsletter, Spring 2015                          
IGE Newsletter, Winter 2015                          
GH Newsletter, Summer 2014                         
GH Newsletter, Spring 2014                           
GH Newsletter, Autumn 2013-Winter 2014 
GH Newsletter, Graduation-Summer 2013
GH Newsletter, Winter-Spring 2013            


UW Tacoma Digital Commons

As part of the capstone requirement to graduate with Global Honors, most of our students (including Bamford Fellowship in Global Engagement participants) complete in-depth research theses in Spring of their second year with the Program. Combining personal interests with themes and methods explored in the Global Honors curriculum, these papers pose a meaningful opportunity for students to contribute directly to broader academic discourse. Theses of outstanding quality are eligible for publication in the UW Tacoma Digital Commons.

Undergraduate Journals

Other opportunities for publishing in undergraduate journals can include: