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The Global Scholar Award

All students admitted to the Global Honors Program are eligible for the Global Scholar Award (up to $1000). This is a one-time merit award granted in recognition of Global Honors students' demonstration of academic excellence and commitment to completing the Program in its entirety. Students interested in eligibility should contact the Global Honors Program Office at

Institute for Innovation and Global Engagement (IIGE) Awards

Visit the Research Fellowships and Awards section for more information about IIGE awards, including:


Internship Opportunities

As an alternative to study abroad, Global Honors students may opt to take an internship as part of their capstone requirement (TGH 496 Experiential Learning). The purpose of the internship is to promote global citizenship and engagement with the community, emphasizing connections between local and global, while providing valuable practical and professional experience. Make sure to search for internship opportunities on the UW Tacoma SIAS Internships and UW Careers and Internship Center's webpages.