Spring 2020 Early Check Out

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On Friday, March 20th, Housing & Residence Life emailed on-campus residents to provide the option to depart from Court 17 in response to the University's decision to move to remote instruction for the remainder of the Spring 2020 Quarter.   If you are a current resident impacted by COVID-19 and need assistance, please contact court17@uw.edu.

Email sent to residential students on Friday, March 20th 5:00pm

Dear Court 17 residents,

Members of our community have reached out with questions about possible impact to on-campus housing relating to the University's shift to remote instruction for the remainder of the Spring 2020 Quarter.  Messaging sent to all UW students included information about housing that primarily pertained to the Seattle campus. All Court 17 apartments include a full kitchen shared with at most four people and semi-private bathrooms shared with at most two people. As these amenities are available, Court 17 will remain open and operating for students who desire to reside on campus. While operating, we will continue to practice social distancing and isolation as needed.

It is our understanding that many of you may already be away from Court 17.   To allow you to make the best decision for yourself and to simplify the decision-making, we are offering the following spring quarter options:

  • Option 1: Continue to live in student housing for the spring quarter. 
    You will pay full housing charges as usual. Once we can assess spaces we have available to us, residents may be asked to relocate within the building in support of social distancing. This is to ensure the safety and health of those students who continue living in Court 17.   If you are reassigned to a space with a higher rate, you will not be charged for the difference.  More information about potential moves will be sent in early Spring Quarter.
  • Option 2: Check out of your room as early as 10:00 AM on Tuesday, March 24th  and no later than  6:00 PM on April 3rd. In order to complete the move-out process you would be required to remove all of your belongings.
    Because we don't want to penalize you financially for a choice you make based upon circumstances you couldn't foresee, we will not hold you responsible for early termination nor spring occupancy charges (charges will still post to your student account initially).  Please reference our Spring 2020 Early Check Out page for more information on how to depart from Court 17.  All requests for move out will be accepted until Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 at 5pm. If we do not hear from you by then, we will assume you intend to remain on campus for all of spring quarter.

We understand that you may have unique circumstances that will not neatly fit with these two options. We can talk with you to come to a solution that works for you, please contact us at court17@uw.edu. Further, we know you may have questions about your agreement and what UWT Residence Life is doing for students who are concerned about their on-campus housing. As we move forward, please direct questions you may have to court17@uw.edu.  If you email during a weekend, there will be a delay in response as we are not in the office during these days, thank you for understanding. 

We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented period as we worked to come up with manageable solutions that allow us to remain open for those who need to stay. We want to continue to be a consideration for your housing needs while you’re a student at UW Tacoma, even if you are leaving us early this year. Additional information about Summer 2020 and Academic Year 2020-2021 housing will be emailed in the coming weeks.

We understand that for many Court 17 residents this is a family decision; if that is the case for you, we encourage you to consider sharing this message with your family, and we hope the extended deadline will help with decision making.

Please take care and stay well.


Housing & Residence Life
University of Washington Tacoma

Court 17 Residence Hall 106  /  Box 358413
1900 Commerce Street, Tacoma, WA 98402
253.274.9000  / fax 253.692.5661 / court17@uw.edu