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Hiring Regular/Permanent Staff

UW Tacoma uses UWHIRES to manage the hiring of non-student temporary hourly workers, including retaining job descriptions and employee resumes. The process for development and hire of a permanent position is outlined below. (Faculty hiring is coordinated by Academic Human Resources.)

Permanent positions are defined by the UW as positions with an FTE of at least 50% (20 hours/week) and expected to be 12 months or longer in duration. Such positions may be or may not have permanent funding. Permanent positions require an open and competitive recruitment to identify a successful candidate.

Procedures for Requesting Authorization for Recruitment
Procedures for Recruitment and Hire
Forms for Hiring and Recruitment
Quick Reference: Hiring Checklist

Procedures for Requesting Authorization for Recruitment

  1. Hiring Manager creates a job description, including minimum and desired requirements, using appropriate forms. This may involve consulting HR for appropriate job classification and pay information.
  • Department/Hiring Manager completes Request for Authorization for Recruitment/Hire Form
  • Director should submit the Request for Authorization for Recruitment/Hire Form to the appropriate Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor, or Assistant Chancellor for review and approval.
  • Upon approval by the Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor, or Assistant Chancellor, forms  should be submitted to the Chancellor.
  • Upon approval by the Chancellor, the form will be forwarded to UW Tacoma HR for additional approval by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and entry into Workday.
  • Upon final approval by UWS Human Resources, the position will be posted in UWHires.

Procedures for Recruitment and Hire

  1. Develop Recruitment Plan
  2. Review Diversity Toolkit
  3. Identify and assemble search committee.
  4. Screen all the resumes/cover letters.
  5. Select candidates for interview based on the job requirements and responsibilities. (Telephone screening may be helpful to further narrow down the pool.)
  6. Prepare for interviews and develop a list of interview questions to be asked EACH candidate interviewed.
  7. Once the final candidate(s) has been identified check references. At least 2 references MUST be checked for the final candidate, including the current supervisor. If the final candidate is a current UW Tacoma employee, the employee’s current supervisor must be contacted.
  8. Contact UW Tacoma HR to discuss salary offer. Complete the UW Tacoma Request for Salary Offer Approval Form. PRIOR to extending an offer, the salary must be approved by HR and confirmed via email.
  9. If the position requires a background check, the process will be initiated by UW Seattle HR.
  10. Confirm acceptance of salary offer and start date with HR once position is accepted by the final candidate.
  11. Contact any applicants interviewed and internal candidates not interviewed via phone to inform them that another candidate has been selected. Be prepared to provide feedback to candidates if requested.
  12. Initiate onboarding process.

Hiring Temporary/Hourly Staff

UW Tacoma uses Workday and UWHIRES to manage the hiring of non-student temporary hourly workers, including retaining job descriptions and employee resumes. Department and hiring manager and candidate responsibilities must be completed before the appointment can be approved in Workday and UWHires. Appointments must be fully approved BEFORE the employee may start working.

Depending on the position’s duties, requirements, duration and FTE, the temporary appointment may be hourly classified, monthly-paid classified (Fixed Duration Appointment), hourly professional (Limited Term Appointment), or monthly-paid professional (Project Appointment). Monthly-paid positions are eligible for benefits, including leave accruals.

Appointment to a temporary position does not require an open, competitive recruitment. Therefore, direct appointment of a qualified candidate is allowed.

Department/Hiring Manager Responsibilities
Candidate Responsibilities
Human Resources Responsibilities
Internal Approval Required for Hourly Staff to Work Over 950 Hours
Private Temporary Staffing Agency Hires

Department/Hiring Manager Responsibilities

Hiring managers should first understand the appointment type: 1) Temporary/Hourly Appointment; 2) Fixed Duration Appointment, or 3) Professional Staff Temporary Positions. Departments and hiring managers may find and select candidates but should consult with UWT HR prior to extending offers. Once the hire is approved, supervisors should direct employees to complete onboarding tasks in Workday (I-9, W-4, etc.). For classified hourly appointments, the department should monitor and manage employee work hours within the 950 maximum.

If the department already has a final candidate identified, the responsibilities as outlined below should be completed. If the department does not have a final candidate identified and would like to recruit for applicants, please complete steps 1 and 2 below. (Please also consult UW recruitment information and hiring resources.) Prior to extending an offer or having an employee begin work, the hiring manager must receive approval by UW Tacoma HR. The department should request approval to hire a temporary/hourly employee by submitting the following:

  1. Complete job description, including position requirements (electronically to Iris Marx)
  2. Complete the UW Tacoma Request for Authorization of Recruitment and Hire Form and route for campus signatures
  3. Review the Workday video to understand the hiring process and integration between Workday and UWHires
  4. Hiring managers can also monitor the status of the business process in Workday by view the Staffing Tab within the position's supervisory organization

Candidate Responsibilities

  1. The candidate must complete a profile in UWHires and Work Authorization Assessment following these instructions
  2. Complete onboarding tasks through Workday

Human Resources Responsibilities

  1. Review job duties and requirements to verify appropriate classification and pay range
  2. Create position in Workday; once position is approved, create requisition in Workday for integration into UWHires
  3. If the position requires a background check, the process will be initiated by UW Seattle HR via UWHires
  4. Review hours worked by temporary employees and consult with hiring departments as needed.

Internal Approval Required for Hourly Staff to Work Over 950 Hours

In order to ensure full compliance with the 1,050-hour limitation pertaining to temporary workers, temporary hourly employment will be limited to 950 hours unless assignment of additional hours is pre-approved. Requests for authorization beyond the 950-hour limit must be submitted to your department Director and Vice Chancellor before going to UWT Human Resources for final approval prior to working any additional hours.

The following information must be included in the request:

  • What necessitates the employee working more than 950 hours
  • How many additional hours will be required
  • How the department will ensure that total hours remain below 1050

Private Temporary Staffing Agency Hires

The University has established a common set of standards and processes for the contracted agencies which have agreed to provide low rates, exemplary service, expedited billing, and reporting of work hours. The reporting of work hours will close the gap with agencies supporting the spirit of the 1,050 hour rule. All requests for private temporary agency assistance must be placed through HR's in-house temporary staffing program (UTemp Staffing)

Hiring Student Employees

UW Tacoma strongly encourages the hiring of UWT students when and where an appropriate opportunity exists. The hiring of student employees must be reviewed/approved by UW Tacoma Human Resources. [Note: This process does not apply to work study students.]

Department/Hiring Manager Responsibilities
Student Responsibilities
HR Responsibilities
Academic Student Employees
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Department/Hiring Manager Responsibilities

Departments and hiring managers will find and select candidates, extend offers within the correct pay range, and ensure that students to complete the onboarding process in Workday. Departments are responsible for ensuring the appropriate enrollment of student employees.

If the department does not have a final candidate identified and would like to recruit for applicants, please email a job posting to Iris Marx for posting on the UW Tacoma Employment Web site. Once a student employee has been identified, the following should be submitted to HR:

  1. If the position requires a background check, please have the student complete the Criminal Conviction and Civil Finding History Questionnaire for Students/Volunteers and forward the form to Michael Campbell, UWS HR Operations, Campus Box 354963. The student's full legal name, date of birth and email address, and department budget to be charged should be emailed to UWT HR to initiate the background check. 
  2. Completed Student Employment Form
  3. Complete UWT Personal Data Form and send it to the HR/Payroll Specialist via campus mail
  4. Copy of the offer letter (if hiring an ASE)

Student Responsibilities

  1. Ensure appropriate enrollment
  2. Complete onboarding tasks through Workday

HR Responsibilities

Upon receiving paperwork, HR will do the following:

  1. Review job duties to verify appropriate job title and pay 
  2. Enter student appointment into Workday

Academic Student Employees

Academic Student Employees (ASE) are now part of a bargaining contract, AFL-CIO Local Union 4121. ASEs include undergrad/grad, and hourly/salaried student tutors, teaching assistants and research assistants. To determine whether your student employee falls into one of the classifications covered by this contract, please consult the ASE Classification Descriptions. If the job description for the position you are hiring does not fit into any of the classifications included in the ASE Classification Descriptions, use Class Code 0888 (UWT Student Assistant) on the Student Employment Form.

If you are hiring a Teaching Assistant or a Research Assistant, completion of the TA Job Description Template or the RA Job Description Template will suffice as the job description.

Offer letters should be provided to the ASE, and a copy sent to HR along with the Student Employment Form. Template offer letters are provided online.

Hourly Pay Ranges for UW Tacoma ASEs:

Positition title Payrate Scheduled Increases
Grader/Reader $16/hr Per the ASE contract
Tutor $16/hr Per the ASE contract

Undergraduate RA

$16/hr Per the ASE contract
Undergraduate TA $16/hr Per the ASE contract

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Hiring FAQs

How do I get access to UWHIRES?

Access to UWHires is granted by UWS HR at the request of UWT HR for individual requisitions. To request access to a specific requisition, send an email request to Iris Marx with the names and NetIDs of all individuals who need access, along with the requisition number or job title. Once access has been granted, UWT HR will notify individuals via email with instructions on accessing and navigating the requisition in UWHires.

Where can I find out about interviewing?

The UW Seattle HR website has helpful information about interviewing, including guidelines on behavioral interviewing and interviewing courtesies for individuals with disabilities.

What questions cannot be asked an applicant?

Any pre-employment inquiry or the keeping of any record of protected status before employment for a discriminatory purpose is prohibited and may be evidence of an unfair practice when connected to the applicant's protected status unless the particular quality inquired about is a bona fide occupational qualification. Review the Fair Pre-employment Guidelines in preparation for developing your interview questions.

What documentation should be retained during the hiring process?

Any assessment instruments and questions used in the process must be retained, along with any notes made about a candidate by any participant during any part of the process: resume screening, interviews, reference checks, etc.  These records must be retained by the hiring department according to the UW record retention schedule for these documents.

Do I need to check references?

Yes, reference checking is a critical part of the search process allowing the hiring manager to verify accuracy and uncover relevant facts to ensure due diligence in the hiring process. At least two (2) references must be checked, including the current (or most recent) supervisor of the candidate.

The UW Seattle HR website provides reference check resources.

What is considered a "new position"?

For permanent positions, a "new" position is an opening that is NOT replacing another employee who has vacated a position. For non-student temporary positions, all positions are considered new.

How do I budget for my position?

Classified staff positions need to be funded at the top of the applicable salary range. Review the salary ranges for classified positions. The top of the range for each job classification is located under "Maximum Incremental Monthly Rate." Multiply this rate by the position's service period (i.e., 12 months) and you will have the annual amount that needs to be budgeted for the position.

Contact UWT HR for market ranges for Professional staff.

Who approves hiring requests?

The supervisor or hiring manager should initiate the request to hire by completing the Request for Authorization for Recruitment and Hire Form. The request should then be reviewed and approved by the director and/or budget authority. Vice Chancellors must approve positions that required new or additional funding.

Completed forms should be sent to UWT HR along with the job description for HR review. Upon UWT HR approval, funding for the position will be verified by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. Once the budget is verified, the position will be submitted for UW Seattle’s review and posting via UWHires.

Ensure that any equipment, technology, and space needs are budgeted for and approved by contacting the appropriate departments directly.

How do I develop a job description?

Classified position descriptions consist of the following elements: 1) General purpose of the position; 2) Specific responsibilities; and 3) Minimum requirements. Consult classified job specifications for examples of work and requirements. The job description should be specific to the department and position needs.

New Professional staff position descriptions require completion of the Professional Staff Position Description Form for evaluation by the UW Compensation Office to ensure that new professional staff positions are exempt from classified service. Consult professional staff position benchmark descriptions and UW professional staff job descriptors (as available) for examples of work and requirements. Professional staff positions that are replacements without a change in payroll title require only an update of the previous job posting. Contact UWT HR if you need a copy.

What is considered a "temporary position"?

Temporary positions are generally either 1) less than 20 hours per week; or 2) less than 12 months in duration.  Positions that are at least 50% FTE (20 hours per week) and expected to continue for longer than 12 months should be filled as "regular" positions, requiring an open competitive recruitment. Please consult with UWT HR to discuss needs and funding for specific positions.