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UW Tacoma is committed to providing growth and development opportunities for our employees. Professional development is an essential part of an employee's job and benefits both the institution and the individual. While the responsibility for career and professional development rests with each staff member, UW Tacoma provides its employees with a variety of resources and assistance in reaching professional and career goals.

Current Offerings

Browse and register for HR-sponsored training and workshops held at UW Tacoma, including Records Management, Management Excellence Series, Effective Hiring and Onboarding, and other special topics for UWT staff and faculty. 

Do you have questions regarding professional development opportunities at UWT? Do you have suggestions or ideas for topics that you would like to see offered? Contact UWT HR!

Online Resources

We have developed online modules for UWT employees and supervisors that deliver important information just when you need it, at a location that is convenient for you!  A great learning opportunity that’s ready whenever you are.

Everyday Project Management

All of us manage projects. This program extends the principles central to project management to everyday efforts to organize tasks, time, and resources to achieve desired results.

This module will take you through all five phases of project management:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Closing

It’s loaded with tools, templates, and terminology you can use to strengthen how you design, plan and deliver on your everyday projects, regardless of their size and scope.

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Employee Onboarding

An employee's first days and weeks on the job are a critical time to begin building a successful working relationship. This is your opportunity, as a manager, to set goals and expectations, train your new employees on job-specific tasks, and introduce them to others who will play a role in their professional life in your unit and throughout campus.

The onboarding module describes the value of a good onboarding process AND the cost of poor onboarding! We also provide tools and resources to help you craft and implement your own excellent onboarding process.

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Stretch Assignments

Stretch assignments provide opportunities to employees and supervisors alike. These assignments enable folks to go in new directions, cover work due to reorganization or vacant positions, try tasks that seem interesting, and generally add interest to the work day for all. The module on stretch assignments provides background, ideas about process, templates and examples.

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Professional Development Planning

UW Tacoma employees can and should take charge of their own professional development. The purpose of this course is to encourage employees and supervisors to take a serious, active and ongoing role in professional development. We will provide you with some philosophy, steps to take and tools for viewing the horizon of career management to start the journey into any individual’s professional development.

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Below are webinars developed by the UW International Training Center for Health (best viewed using FireFox and Chrome web browsers.) 

Influence Without Authority

Most of us will encounter situations in the course of our careers where we come face to face with the following dilemma: We have information, experience and great ideas, but we do NOT have the power or authority to make a decision about the course of action to take. In this module, provided for use by the UW International Training & Education Center for Health, we provide users with ideas and tools that will help individuals overcome obstacles and move forward with confidence.

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Embracing and Managing Conflict

Conflict in the workplace is a fact of life. Many people deal with conflict by NOT dealing with it at all. They view conflict as uncomfortable, and when faced with the choice of “fight or flight”, they will most definitely choose “flight”. In the following module we invite participants to view conflict as a concept to embrace: conflict, when approached in a healthy and managed way, provides a vehicle for creative thinking and roads to needed change.

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Team Building

This module, made available for our use by the UW International Training & Education Center for Health, provides case studies, philosophy and tools for solid management practices in team building. Using resources from authors Bruce Tuckman, Peter Lencioni and Stephen R. Covey, you will be able to diagnose the functioning of your team, identify potential threats to effective teamwork and choose strategies for strengthening team functioning.

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UW Professional and Organizational Development also offers live webinars provided through partnership with People-OnTheGo. 

Required Training

Most of these training sessions are required of all new staff employees. UW Tacoma offers these on campus on a regular basis. Please see below for more details!

New Staff Orientation

The monthly UWT New Staff Orientation is highly recommended for new regular UWT staff and will cover important information specific to UW Tacoma. If you would like to attend the orientation, please contact UWT HR.

New employees in benefits-eligible positions should also register for required full-day UW Orientation - Welcome Day.  This event includes a general UW orientation, the Benefits Orientation and the required Prevention of Sexual Harassment TrainingUnion-covered employees are also required to attend the union presentation. It is strongly suggested that they complete the Benefits Orientation as soon as possible, as there are strict deadlines associated with new employee enrollment.  

Asbestos Awareness (Online)

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries requires ALL state employees to receive asbestos awareness training. This training can be quickly and conveniently completed online. The General Awareness Asbestos Training takes about 15-20 minutes.

Have your UWNetID, your supervisor’s name and email address ready so that a training record can be sent to your supervisor to verify your completion of the course.  Supervisors will be notified when their employee completes this training and will follow-up as necessary to ensure that all employees in their units have satisfied this requirement.


The University of Washington and the UW Tacoma Campus is committed to a culture of integrity and ethical practices in line with the Ethics in Public Service Act, and to informing and equipping employees with the needed information on state laws and their application at UWT.

Course Description: This course teaches a principled approach to ethics in public service. Participants gain understanding of the Ethics in Public Service Act and what it covers, learn to comprehend basic standards for public service, and identify common rationalizations and intervention techniques. Training presented by Richard Cordova, UW Executive Director of Audits, Internal Audit.

This training is required of all UWT staff employees and should be repeated at least once every five years.

Review and register online for upcoming sessions at UW Tacoma.

Online Ethics Training is available through UW Internal Audit, or you may register for an in-person course "Ethics Law and the U" through UW Professional and Organizational Development on the Seattle Campus. If you complete the training via either of these means, please contact UWT HR so that your training records can be updated.

FERPA Training (Online)

The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), enacted in 1974, is a federal law designed to safeguard the privacy of student records. If you have access to student records, you should take the UW FERPA training for staff. The online module takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, and provides you with recommendations for common FERPA-related issues that occur at the University.

Take FERPA Training for Staff

Additional information regarding FERPA is provided by the Office of the Registrar.

Addressing Discrimination and Harassment

The University of Washington Tacoma is committed to protecting the rights and dignity of each individual in the University community. Discrimination on the basis of "sex" includes sexual harassment. This training will help you to identify and resolve situations of perceived sexual harassment and to understand applicable laws.

Addressing Discrimination and Harassment Training is REQUIRED of all regular university employees and should be repeated at least once every five years.  This training is now offered as part of the UW Welcome Day orientation program.  Employees who are not otherwise required to complete the Welcome Day orientation may register just for the Addressing Discrimination and Harassment portion of the program. When you complete the training, please contact UWT HR so that your training records can be updated. 

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

The University of Washington does not tolerate child abuse. Suspected perpetrators of child abuse, including University employees, volunteers, or students, may be removed from the premises and may be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution. Employees, volunteers, or students who engage in child abuse in the workplace, or who use University facilities, property, or resources to engage in child abuse are subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal from employment, engagement, or from educational programs.

In June of 2012, Washington State’s Abuse of Children Law was amended to include all higher education employees as mandated reporters of suspected child abuse or neglect. Under Administrative Policy Statement 11.8: Reporting Suspected Child Abuse, all University employees and volunteers who have reasonable cause to believe that a child has suffered abuse or neglect must immediately report the suspected abuse or neglect to law enforcement or the Department of Social and Health Services.

UWT employees who work with minors or others have contact with them in the course of their work should complete the Online Training for Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect.

SafeCampus (Violence Prevention and Response)

The mission of the SafeCampus Program is to foster a safe and secure UW campus community. UW faculty, staff, and students share the responsibility of carrying out this mission.

Course Description: It is impossible to predict who will commit violence or when it will occur, but it is possible to identify situations which might lead to violence. Early identification and intervention with appropriate resources or referrals to services that can assist with coping strategies, reducing stress, and/or resolving problematic situations helps reduce the risk of violence occurring. Learn the warning signs of violence and how to respond in these free sessions. 

This training is required of all UWT staff employees and should be repeated at least once every 2 years.

Register for a virtual session.

The UWT SafeCampus Web site provides training videos related to violence prevention and response. The Shots Fired videos address the active shooter scenario, and discuss strategies to help you improve your chance of survival and your important role in helping to prevent such incidents from taking place. The videos called Flashpoint and Shots Fired are staff-oriented; the videos called & Flashpoint on Campus and Shots Fired on Campus are student-oriented. There is also a video about domestic violence situations in the workplace and what you can do to help. The site will request your UW NetID.

Security Awareness Training (Online)

Online Security Awareness Training is designed to inform you of the steps you can take to protect yourself, and our organization from malicious cyber activity.

Access Online Security Awareness Training

If you have questions about the training, please send an e-mail to or call the Information Technology helpdesk at (253)692-HELP.

Management and Leadership Development

Capable leadership and skilled management matter greatly in our success as a campus. Here are a few gems to help you grow as a leader and manager.

UW Professional and Organizational Development

A variety of courses and certifications are available through UW Seattle's Professional and Organizational Development unit. Employees are encouraged to discuss development opportunities and interests with supervisors. Release time may be granted for training that is related to an employee's job responsibilities. Explore Professional and Organizational Development offerings.

UW Tacoma Professional Development Center

Established in 2003, the mission of the Professional Development Center is to offer continuing professional development opportunities to individuals and organizations through accessible and innovative educational experiences. Our vision is to create innovative and responsive learning experiences for our students to excel in the real world. Explore Professional Development Center offerings.