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Overtime-eligible and hourly employees should submit their hours worked through Workday (in the "Time" worklet).  All employees must use the "Absence" worklet in Workday to request time off. Time and absences submitted by employees will show in their Time and Absence approver's Workday inbox to approve.

Paper timesheets

Paper timesheets should only be used in rare situations where an employee cannot use Workday to submit time. Please contact the campus UWT HR/Payroll Support Specialist before submitting a paper timesheet to review the situation.

The various types of paper timesheets used for different employee schedules and classifications are listed below.

Document Title Last Modified
Timesheet - 4-10 Schedule 12/13/2005
Timesheet - 9-80 Schedule  09/29/2008
Timesheet - Full-Time Classified Non-Union  02/27/2006
Timesheet - Full-Time Classified Staff  09/20/2005
Timesheet - Full-Time Professional Staff 


Timesheet - Hourly Staff (paper timesheet)   05/19/2004
Timesheet - Part-Time Classified Staff  11/14/2005
Timesheet - Part-Time Professional Staff  12/13/2005
Timesheet Instructions - 4-10 Schedule  03/19/2004
Timesheet Instructions - 9-80 Schedule  09/29/2008
Timesheet Instructions - Full-Time Classified Staff  03/19/2004
Timesheet Instructions - Full-Time Professional Staff  03/19/2004
Timesheet Instructions - Hourly Staff  05/19/2004
Timesheet Instructions - Part-Time Classified Staff  03/19/2004
Timesheet Instructions - Part-Time Professional Staff  03/19/2004