Accounts, logins and passwords

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You will likely have to keep track of many accounts and passwords as a UW Tacoma student or employee. To learn more about the various types of accounts, choose from the list below. Click on specific audience tabs (students, faculty, and staff) for more detailed information pertaining to your role at UW Tacoma.

Cloud Services (UW Google/Office 365)

There are a couple choices for Cloud Services. Each offer useful features such as cloud-based applications for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, online storage, collaboration and more. Please review the Cloud Services page for more details.


Accounts at the UW are identified by a UW NetID. Your UW NetID (and its password) allows you to access many UW online resources including MyUW and UW Email.

Everyone at the UW has a personal UW NetID that is intended for their individual use only. You were probably given a personal UW NetID when you first started working at or first registered to attend the UW.

Your UW NetID verifies who you are when you use the many UW network services. Such verification ensures the privacy of your personal information and restricts the use of resources to those for whom they are intended.

If do not have a UW NetID and you are a UW faculty, staff or student, go to the Get a UW NetID page and request one.

What can I do with it?

With your UW NetID, you are eligible for various computing services depending on your association with the UW (i.e., student, faculty, staff, alumni, retiree or other affiliate). Your computing services may include the following:

  • Access to your MyUW page from which you can check your personal UW information (student grades and schedules, employee payroll records and benefits files)
  • Use of UW email and access to email management tools including spam filtering and message forwarding
  • Access to other computing services including web publishing, remote access, computing labs, and Catalyst Web Tools
  • Access to secure applications required for university administrative work (financial, payroll and student databases)

Your personal UW NetID remains the same throughout your life, even as your association with the University of Washington may change.

Can I have more than one?

You have just one personal UW NetID, no matter how many different associations you have with the UW (e.g., student plus staff plus alumni).

You may also have the use of one or more shared accounts such as for courses or departments. Such shared UW NetIDs should not be confused with your personal UW NetID.

Can I change it?

A personal UW NetID usually may not be changed. If you feel there are special circumstances, contact the UW Information Technology Service Center to see what can be done.

Shared account UW NetIDs can usually be changed if needed. Just contact the UW Information Technology Service Center.

What if I forget my NetID or password?

If you forget your UW NetID or your password, you can find help on the Get your NetID page.

Available services

You can see the UW NetID services available to you by going to the Manage UW NetID Resources page and selecting the Turn services on or off item in the left column. Among the services available are Web Publishing, and Streaming Media. The services listed will depend upon the nature of your affiliation with the UW (faculty, staff, student, clinician, alumni, visitor). Select the services you want to use.

UW Email

UW Email is managed by UW Seattle. We do provide email support for students, faculty and staff on our campus. Visit our email page for more information.

UW Tacoma network login

Your network login allows you to log into classroom, lab and office computers on campus. It gives you access to your file storage locations (Network Drives) and any software that is installed.

How do I get one?

If you are a current UW Tacoma student, you must have a network login account to access campus computers. Network login accounts will be automatically generated for all new students after you:

  1. Register for your first quarter of classes
  2. Activate a cloud service (UW Google)

How do I login to a computer on campus?

To login to a Tacoma campus computer, your username will be and your first password will be your student number (minus any leading zeros). Students in the Institute of Technology have special logins for the Institute labs. These login accounts are managed by the Institute of Technology, so please contact them for assistance.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password and cannot login to a campus computer, please visit the helpdesk in Walsh Gardner 108, call 253-692-4357 or email

For new staff and faculty, your department manager needs to request a computer login for you.

If you forget your network login password, please send an email to to have it reset.

What if I have a guest lecturer or need a temporary login?

First, check with your department administrator to see if they already have an account for guests to use. If they do not have a guest account, please send an email to and let us know who will be visiting, the length of their stay and any event details.

Student Information System (SIS)

The Student Information System (SIS) provides access to student data stored in the student database in Seattle. SIS was developed as a shared inter-program solution for student data storage and retrieval, eliminating the need for individual programs to develop and maintain their own student databases. The goal of SIS is to support the admission, advising and support of students and student services at the UW Tacoma campus.

FERPA training is required to use the database and use is currently restricted to UW Tacoma administration, staff and faculty advisers, and statistical analysts. All student information is confidential. Access to SIS must be approved and requested by your department administrator.