BYOP Print Stations

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Computer/Print Stations are located throughout campus.

 BYOP Print Station locations:



Mattress Factory (MAT) - 3rd Floor Outside of Disability Resources for Students
Cherry Parkes (CP) - 1st Floor Outside of CP105

Garretson Woodruff & Pratt (GWP) - 1st Floor

Outside of University Academic Advising

West Coast Grocery (WCG) - 1st Floor

In the WCG alcove

Russell T. Joy (JOY) 1st Floor

Next to the main entrance
Russell T. Joy (JOY) 2nd Floor Across from JOY 207

Dougan (DOU) - 1st Floor

Next to the main entrance

Tacoma Paper & Stationery (TPS) - 1st Floor

Outside of TPS 105


The print station kiosks are attached to high-speed laser printers.

Students are responsible for bringing their own printing paper.

The print stations are reserved for students. Please limit your use to 10 minutes.