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Reporting classroom problems

For immediate on-campus classroom assistance, call 253-692-4357 tachelp (or 2-4357 from any campus phone). 

Classroom support

Information Technology is available for classroom support, including: faculty, student and guest presentation assistance, computer and media equipment training and troubleshooting, and additional equipment setup.  General classroom support can be requested via email at

Types of classrooms

Classrooms are divided into four general categories. Our Classroom Maps show specific equipment available in each room on campus.

Smart classrooms

Classrooms integrated with technology and media equipment necessary for video and data presentations.  This includes data projectors, instructor PC station, DVD and VCRs, wireless microphones, overhead transparency projectors, wireless presentation remotes and laptop capabilities.  The classrooms are controlled by various methods, including touch panels, MediaLink control systems and standard remotes.

Collaborative classrooms

Flexible learning spaces that integrate pedagogy, physical design and instructional technology to enhance instructional effectiveness and student learning. The rooms accommodates up to 54 students and are equipped with movable tables that accommodate 6-7 students. To allow for computing and networking use without a fixed arrangement, PCs and monitors were mounted along the perimeter and a wireless local network was installed. The rooms are equipped with movable screens (with whiteboard space) for privacy and to function as a  workspace. To facilitate presentations, other equipment includes an instructor PC, two video projectors with independent screen controls.

Computer classrooms

Classrooms similarly equipped to smart classrooms, but include student PC and/or Mac workstations.

Presentation classrooms

Classrooms equipped with an instructor PC station integrated with a data projector, as well as a TV monitor, VCR and/or DVD combined wall-mounted unit.  These also contain overhead transparency projectors.

Logging on

How to log on to an on campus computer.

  1. User Name:
  2. Password: The first time you login, you will use your student number (minus any leading zeros)
  1. User Name: UWT account login name
  2. Password: UWT account login password

If you do not have a UWT account login name, please contact your program administrator for login account information.

Using computer classroom equipment

Podium lockbox key

All classroom podium and metal rack doors have been removed. Only a lockbox key is necessary for access to classroom equipment. Faculty will need to be present for student classroom access. Students can use WG 108 and CP 005 computer labs, or TLC to practice presentations.

Faculty must checkout a lockbox key and receive instruction on using the classroom equipment.

Faculty are responsible for returning all equipment to the lockbox at the end of each class.

Send a request to or call (253) 692-4419 tacmedia to check out a lockbox key and arrange for a brief orientation.

Learning how to use classroom equipment

For training on the use of classroom media equipment, send a request to and we will schedule a short 15-minute briefing in your classroom. 

Requesting additional equipment

To request additional media equipment, faculty must send a request to at least 24 (business) hours in advance.

  • Audio recorders - digital, micro, or cassette
  • Boomboxes - CD/cassette, AM/FM radio
  • Document cameras
  • Lecturns
  • Microphones - wired or wireless
  • Slide projectors
  • Smart carts - data projector + laptop
  • Speakers - input for phone / laptop audio + microphone
  • Tape recorders - digital, micro or cassette 
  • Tripods

Computer classrooms

Unless otherwise specified, Computer Services purchases, installs and maintains all computers, printers, and computer related equipment in the following labs.

If you are having any equipment-related difficulties in the following labs, please contact the help desk (UWT Staff and Faculty only).

Classroom software list

Classroom software available can be found on the Classroom maps page.

Classroom FAQ's

What computer classrooms are available?

Walsh Gardner WG-210, Dougan 101, Science 109 & 111

How do I reserve a computer classroom?

Reserve computer classrooms using the Use of University Facilities process.

Who do I contact for hardware, software requests, problems, etc.?

Send an e-mail to If the problem needs immediate attention, send a student to the Computer Lab (WG-108).

What if additional software is required in a computer classroom?

All Instructors are expected to make computer classroom / mart classroom software installation requests at least three weeks prior to the beginning of classes in any academic quarter. The software installation requests submitted less than three weeks prior to the beginning of classes or after the start of the quarter may take up to a month or longer to complete.

What if additional hardware is required in a computer classroom?

1. Additional hardware will only be installed during school break periods. Eight weeks-advance notice is required for hardware changes.

2. The instructor's department is responsible for purchasing the equipment and any outside installation fees.

What to do before class?

Test on a student's computer the class project or assignments. Remember that the instructor's computer is different from the students. On the instructor's computers faculty can login as themselves and use their F:drive. The instructor's computer is the only computer that has speakers. We recommend testing the project on a student's computer at least a week before doing it in class so there are no surprises.

Are all the computers in the computer classrooms the same?

All the students' computers in the computer classrooms are identical and have the same software installed. Note: The instructor's computer is loaded differently from the students.

What keeps the student's computer consistent for all the classes?

A program called PCR disk is loaded on the student computers and everything that is saved on the hard drives is deleted after the computer is rebooted.

When are the classrooms unlocked?

Computer classrooms are opened when the instructor arrives. Students should NOT be left in these rooms without the instructor. Students may use one of the open labs to practice or do assignments. We recommend that faculty arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their class start time. They should expect to turn the computers on, but sometimes the previous class will leave them on.

Is it OK to have food and drink in the computer classrooms or computer labs?

No. We really need your help enforcing this policy as it was put into effect to protect the hardware.

Where do students save their work?

A UWT login is required for all UWT campus computers. This login provides each student wish a home directory (H:)and 30mb of disk space. All the computers also have a floppy disk drive. Any data stored on the student computer's hard drive will be deleted when it is rebooted. If you need to set up a special area on the S: (Student Share) you would need to send a tachelp message 2 weeks prior to the class. Students may save data on the student share drive in the following directory:

Lab Temp Caution: The data stored in the temp areas is not protected and can be deleted by fellow students. The temp directories will be purged at the end of each quarter. The student temp files are not backed up.

What if a problem occurs during class?

All of the computers are set up so that if they are rebooted a new image is loaded on them. Sometimes this is all you need to do to get it to work properly. Any work saved on the computer will be deleted when it reboots and puts on the new image. If this doesn't solve the problem, send a student to the Computer Lab (WG-108) for immediate assistance. If a computer is having hardware or software problems and you are able to move a student to a different one, send an E-mail to explaining the problem after the class.  

Is there a printing policy for computer classrooms?

There are 2 printers in each of the classrooms. If they need paper, ink cartridges, contact us.

What to do after class?

1. Have the students shut down the computers so they will build a new image for the next class.

2. Close the door. Please don't leave students in the computer classrooms without an instructor present.