Instructional Continuity

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Photo depicting a snowy day at the University of Washington Tacoma

Student education and academics is the primary mission of the University of Washington - Tacoma.  In the event of an emergency that may result in the long-term suspension of campus activities and classes on campus, it is essential to plan for continuity to sustain our campus mission.


What is Instructional Continuity?

Instructional continuity refers to the university's and faculty efforts of continuing course work despite and during disruptions due to weather, illness, or other factors.  Depending upon the time of year, or quarter, instructional continuity may be critical for final examinations, grading, and/or meeting graduation requirements.

Suggested Strategies for Maintaining Instructional Continuity

Strategies for maintaining Instructional Continuity include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Creating a communications plan with the students - How should students expect to keep in contact with you?

- Consider assignment adjustments - Can students complete their assignments in another manner?

- Utilizing the technologies and tools available - Refer to the UW-Tacoma Instructional Continuity Guide

Preparing for Emergencies Using Technology

In the event of an emergency situation that may result in the long-term suspension of all campus activities, consider utilizing the teaching tools and technologies available at the University of Washington - Tacoma.  Since these tools and technologies can be used for everyday teaching and learning, planning for Instructional Continuity can be useful even for classes that continue under normal circumstances.

For more information, please refer to the UW-Tacoma Instructional Continuity Guide.  This guide provides suggestions on how to prepare for disruptions, as well as steps to keep courses moving forward during outages and closures.

Information Technology Business Continuity Plan

The Information Technology department maintains a business continuity plan to ensure technological operations and services are continued during and after an emergency or crisis event. The plan is reviewed and tested biannually to make sure that the necessary steps are taken to identify the impact of potential losses, maintain viable recovery strategies & recovery plans, and continuity of services. For more information on how your department/group can create a business, academic, or research continuity plan please visit UW BARC and don’t forget to utilize the UW-Tacoma Instructional Continuity Guide.