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Computer kiosks are located throughout the administrative buildings.

There are two types of kiosks:

 1. Non-printing kiosks
 2. Printing kiosks

 Kiosk locations:

Non-printing kiosks Printing 
 Outside of Enrollment Services --  MAT               Stations outside MAT108                                    
 Joy first floor  --  stand-up kiosks  Stations in WCG atrium
 Joy second floor  --  stand-up kiosks  Station first floor Joy bldg
 Outside of cashiers office   --  Carlton  Station Joy second floor
 In the Veteran's office  --  MAT213  Stations in GWP atrium
   Stations in BB hallway
   Stations Dougan 1st floor
  Cherry Parkes 1st floor

The print station kiosks are attached to high-speed laser printers.

Students are responcible for bringing their own printing paper.

The kiosks are reserved for students. Please limit your use to 10 minutes.