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Panopto Permissions Denies Playback

Have your viewers open the Panopto Recordings tab in your Canvas site to "activate" videos within the course.

Add Automated Speech Recognition Captioning to Videos

It's free and easy to turn on basic, automated captions for your recorded sessions! 

Quick Review of Panopto Analytics

Look into the stats of your recordings for Views by Day, Viewer Engagement, and All Viewers average minutes delivered and percents completed.

Migrate Zoom Files Over to Panopto

How to download your Zoom recording from the cloud, upload it into Panopto for long-term archiving and re-purposing, and perform basic edits.

Edit One Long Video into Several Short Segments

Cut down your long session into multiple, sorter videos


What is Panopto?

Panopto is meant for educational purposes only and allows for easy recording and reviewing of courses, lectures, and presentations. As a cloud-enabled service, UW has strongly integrated Panopto with Canvas to simplify the lecture capture process for course instruction and viewing. Recordings in Panopto are viewable on most Web browsers and mobile devices.  Create content from your office, classroom or home.

FERPA Considerations When Using Panopto

When inviting external presenters to your classroom, it is strongly recommended that you obtain their consent prior to recording with Panopto.  Download the current, UW-wide Personal Release form.

List of Recording Classrooms

Locations with Lecture Capture Technology

Screencasting with Audio and (optional) Video

  • BB 104
  • BB 106
  • BB 107
  • BHS 103
  • BHS 104
  • BHS 106
  • BHS 107
  • CP 103
  • CP 105
  • CP 106
  • CP 108
  • CP 109
  • CP 303
  • CP 324 A/B/C
  • CP 325
  • CP 331
  • CP 334A
  • CP 338A
  • DOU 101
  • DOU 160
  • DOU 201
  • DOU 210
  • DOU 260
  • DOU 270
  • DOU 280
  • GWP 101
  • GWP 212
  • GWP 216
  • GWP 220
  • GWP 320
  • JOY 001
  • JOY 009
  • JOY 104
  • JOY 105
  • JOY 106
  • JOY 109
  • JOY 110
  • JOY 113
  • JOY 114
  • JOY 117
  • JOY 205
  • JOY 206
  • JOY 207
  • JOY 210
  • JOY 211
  • JOY 215
  • KEY 102
  • MAT 104
  • MAT 214
  • MDS 312
  • MDS 313
  • PNK 104
  • PNK 131
  • PNK 212
  • SCI 104
  • SCI 105
  • SCI 109
  • SCI 111
  • SCI 209
  • TLB 109
  • TLB 115
  • TLB 307B
  • TPS 016
  • TPS 103
  • TPS 104
  • TPS 105
  • TPS 110
  • TPS 112
  • TPS 201
  • TPS 202
  • TPS 209
  • TPS 301
  • TPS 302
  • TPS 309
  • WCG 103
  • WCG 110
  • WCG 209
  • WCG 322
  • WG 108 
  • WG 210
  • WG 320
  • WHT 104
  • WHT 102
  • WPH 202
  • WPH 204












Getting Started with Panopto

Download & Install Panopto Recorder

Reminder - if this is for a campus computer,  IT's administrative access will be needed for installation.  Please contact support at tachelp@uw.edu

For Canvas Courses - Access to Panopto for Recording or Viewing Videos

The easiest method for faculty to create course content for their students to locate and review.

How to Use Panopto Recordings in Canvas Course

Three ways to get your videos into Canvas locations for your students - default Panopto Recordings tab; URL copy and paste into desired page; and embedding video into selected location via the HTML page edit.  

Welcome to the Panopto Recorder (PC)

Learn the basics of the Windows version of the recorder

Welcome to the Panopto Recorder (MAC)

Learn the MacOS version of the recorder

Rename a Recording

Forgot to title the session?  Change its title anytime

Re-Upload Files (MAC only)

If you are experiencing problems with uploading on your Mac, use the steps in the following training video

Provide Panopto Video File for Another Faculty to Use

So another professor would like to use your recording from last year in their course?  Simply sending them a link to put into their Canvas course is not enough.  That original link has permissions for ONLY the original Canvas folder. 
Here are steps for you, as well as for the receiving instructor, to follow to move a copy of the video into another Canvas course.

Save Video Files to My Folder for Later Use

The first half of this video shows how to place a copy of your recordings into your My Folder.  This will save them as library files for future use.

Share Recording with Another UWNetID

You can share any of your videos by manually adding other UW members to your share list.  Simply locate your video (your course folder, My Folder, or from any folder you may have created) open the Share settings, and enter a valid UWNetID.  

Panopto Video Edit Basics

Learn to trim the beginning and ends as well as remove parts from the middle of the video.

Insert New Content into Existing Panopto Recording

Need to update information, change some references, or add new content to your Panopto recording?  

Where did my Recording Go?

Can't find the video that you just recorded?  Here's how to find it.

Copy Recordings from Old Canvas Site to New Course

Get that great recording from last year into your current course.

Enable Students to Record in Canvas Course

By default, only Instructors and Course Designers can perform recordings in a course Panopto folder.  Create an Assignment Folder for students to record directly into.  Set permissions for individuals or group work.

Cross-list Canvas Course Sections for Panopto Viewing by Entire Class

Canvas controls access to Panopto recordings.  Cross-listing opens the permissions for viewing to all of your multiple sections.

Provide Access for Support Staff to Your Course Panopto Videos

Staff must be added to your Canvas course as a Course Designer to provide behind-the-scenes support of your videos.

Re-Upload Recording to Different Panopto/Canvas Folders

Re-uploading files from the computer used for the original recording to the server often resolves the issues of files getting corrupted during the first upload or files that have gone "missing."

Record Offline and Upload Later (PC)

Record Offline and Upload Later (MAC)

Manually upload your recording to your Panopto class folder

Panopto FAQs

Need assistance with Lecture Capturing?

Send email with classroom and schedule to: tacMPS@uw.edu
or call the IT Helpdesk (253) 692-HELP (4357).

Copyright notice

See the UW Copyright Connection for information on copyrights. The Teach Act, signed into law in October 2002, specifies “how far educational institutions must go in preventing copyright infringement.” 
Panopto videos shall not be reposted, published, transmitted, modified, reproduced, distributed or used in any manner that is inconsistent with the purposes for which they were recorded.