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MPS is dedicated to the campus community by supporting teaching and learning through course content creation, lecture capturing and support of student media projects.
Our Multimedia Lab works with students from all disciplines to guide them through their creative process of video editing, poster layout, and basic graphic design.
We also professionally produce media for purposes of research, promotion, and event documentation.


Research & Course Support

Our professional production staff can assist in your course building and research in a variety of ways.

We can produce video materials for your courses.  Examples include: introductory videos for online courses, in-the-field interviews, digitizing older media materials for Canvas viewing, etc.

Our team will work with you to create media components for your grant and research needs.

For courses that ask students to create a video project, we can bring our specialized staff to you for class-specific workshops.  Many students do not have experience planning media projects and we are here to prepare your students with the production tools for success.  Also, please feel free to share our training materials with your students!

MPS is also the on-campus support team for Panopto lecture capturing.  We offer training and assistance with Panopto to provide students the ability to review lectures on your Canvas site.

Multimedia Lab

Located in Cherry Parkes 005, this facility is available for students, faculty and staff to
develop enhanced presentations and multimedia projects with video, audio, digital photos
and graphics.  Assistance is always on-hand to guide users through the creative and technical process.
More information can be found at the Multimedia Lab Website or its Youtube channel!


Event Recording & Virtual Support

For a professional presentation and coordination of your virtual events, contact the MPS team.  We now produce in-event video packages, work with planners to script for hybrid (live + recorded segments) sessions, switch between multiple feeds during events to bring your audience a higher production value, and create custom, themed graphics for your show - transitions, informational slides, and lower-thirds. 

For on campus events, whether you’re bringing in a distinguished lecturer, holding an award ceremony, or are hosting an important campus event, we can ensure it gets recorded, edited, delivered, and archived.  
Event recordings can be uploaded publicly to social media platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo or can be restricted to students, faculty, and staff with UW NetIDs using Kanopy.  Digital copies are always provided for downloading.  We also offer live streaming of large events to allow for non-local viewers.


School & Program Promotion

If your department wishes to promote their programs or services, we will provide a Media Producer to work closely with and to craft a video to your specific needs.  Production entails client consultations, script writing, coordinating, professional audio and video recording, post-production, graphics, and delivery.

FAQs - Planning Your Project

I’m bringing a lecturer to campus and want to record it, what should I do?
First, ensure that the guest is ok with being recorded and signs a release form.  Get the standard UW release here.  Then reach out to us at as soon as possible so we can process it, book your recording, and initiate a production consultation.
I've completed a 25Live request and have checked YES in "Will this event need to be recorded?"  What is my next step?
MPS will process the recording request and contact you two weeks prior to your event.  If you do not hear from us by this time, please reach out to us at
Where will my video be published?
Depending upon your viewing needs, MPS publishes all internal productions to either the public UW Tacoma Youtube channel or our Vimeo channel.
I want to record a lecturer but they do not want to publicly release the video.  Can I restrict access to UW students?
Yes! We work with the library to publish internal videos to Kanopy. All internal videos are restricted with a UW netID and can be viewed by students, faculty, and staff from Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma. Unfortunately, we cannot restrict publication to just the Tacoma campus.
Is it possible to limit access to these online videos to a limited amount of viewers?
Yes! For videos that are to be shared departmentally or within small committees, we can restrict access to your video by creating a password that can be shared between designated participants.
I do not want to publish my video online in any form, what other options are there?
We can provide you with a DVD or send you a .MOV or .MP4 video file via UW OneDrive for Business.
How long before my video will be published?
Lecture recordings are generally uploaded or delivered within 1 week from the recording. Promotional materials and course content are dependent on the nature of the video and require more time.
I want to produce videos for an upcoming class I’m teaching, when should I contact MPS?
For course material production, we recommend contacting us no later than one quarter before you plan to teach with the materials.

How can I record my classes so students can review the material?
Currently, most of our classrooms have webcam and Panopto lecture capture software installed. Panopto allows you to record your lecture and automatically upload to your Canvas course.
Who needs to sign a release form?
Every individual, or legal guardian of an individual, who appears on-screen will need to sign a release form. This is true for all productions.  Examples include members of discussion panels, on-camera interviews, keynote speakers, and typically anyone featured in the video.