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Video conferencing is available on the UW Tacoma campus for internal and external clients. 
UW Tacoma primarily uses UW ZOOM Video conferencing. There are three options to consider:

  • The free, basic version is available to UW Faculty, Staff, and Students with a valid UW NedID but does have limitations.
  • Media Services can loan out Pro licenses if you plan to use Zoom only a few times, but need full functionality.
    Please contact us at least two weeks prior to the conference date to arrange for assistance.
  • Purchase Zoom Pro license. If you plan to perform many video conferences, with full functionality, you should ask your department to purchase a Zoom Pro license for you. 
    Please have your department send an email to to initiate the process.

Requests for services to offer distance education courses and to conduct tri-campus business will be given top priority.  
Requests for services from off-campus business or agencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are not affiliated with UW Tacoma, you will need to contact to discuss getting set up to use this service.

Learn more about eligibility, features, and pricing at UW Zoom Video Conferencing


Charges do not apply to UW Tacoma faculty and staff. However, there may still be a charge to cover additional labor cost and long distance phone charges.

For external clients, rates are $150.00 per hour (includes administration duties and testing).


 Video conferences canceled less than 48 hours prior to the event, will be charged a $100 administrative fee.

Conferencing Locations

UW Tacoma has three rooms equipped for video conferencing for internal clients and two rooms for external clients.


BHS 107 ZOOM ROOM -  (internal and external clients)

(seats 40 at classroom tables, multiple cameras, two large TVs, projector)




SCI 104 (internal clients only)           

(seats 10 at conference room table)


CP 303 (internal and external clients)

(seats 16 at conference room table)



Other Campus Locations for Zoom Use

While most of our classrooms and conference rooms have webcams available for Zoom, several locations offer higher-quality, positional PTZ cameras.

CP 105 PNK 131 TPS 201 TPS 309
DOU 160 TLB 109



WCG 110
GWP 220 TLB 115 TPS 209 WG 210
JOY 206 TPS 103



WG 320
PNK 104 TPS 105 TPS 302  


Learn More About Microsoft Skype for Business and UW ZOOM Video Conferencing