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Media Services is your campus support team for online class technology.  Please email tacmedia@uw.edu or call us (2-4419) for assistance.


Security Tips to Keep You Safe on Zoom

Updating Zoom software will help you improve security, and so will these tips from IT Connect.

Configuring Recomended Security Settings for All Meetings

This Panopto recording shows you how to configure UW IT recomended security settings in your zoom account. We also cover how to ensure your zoom recordings are protected from being accessed and downloaded by people outside of UW.

Configuring Security Settings for a Single Meeting

This Panopto recording shows how to adjust your security settings for a single meeting in Zoom

How to Use Remote Control in Zoom

This Panopto recording shows how to enable remote control of others mice and keyboards during zoom meetings as well as how to initiate this feature during a screenshare in Zoom

How to Allow Others to Share Screen in Zoom

This Panopto recording shows how to allow others to share their screen while you are in a Zoom meeting. 

Zoom Essential Features for Students

This Panopto recording shows the essential features students should be familiar with to participate in a virtual class via Zoom

Non-Verbal Communication in Zoom (raising hand & chat)

This Panopto recording shows how non-verbal communication can be used in zoom to see students raise their hand and give simple yes or no answers

On the Fly Break Out Room Creation and Management

This Panopto recording shows how you can create, populate, and manage breakout rooms during a Zoom meeting. 

How to Download Zoom Recordings

This Panopto recording shows how you can download your Zoom recordings from the cloud

Set Up Office Hours in Canvas Course - Zoom with Waiting Room

This Panopto recording shows how you can set up your office hours for the quarter within canvas as well as enabling and customising the waiting room.

Basic Zoom Recording Trims/Edits

Trim the beginning and end of your video in Zoom before sharing.

Beyond Basic Zoom Recording Edits - Downloading Zoom Recordings and Uploading into Panopto for Sharing/Editing

To make more advanced cuts, multiple edits, or wish to remove segments from the middle of your Zoom recording, you'll have to download it and upload it into your Canvas' Panopto recordings (which has a cloud-based editor). 

Adjusting Passwords for Zoom Recordings Access

This Panopto recording shows how you can require a password for people to access your zoom cloud recordings. These passwords are generated randomly so we also cover how you can customize these passwords for each recording.

How to Get Transcriptions of Your Zoom Recordings

This Panopto recording shows how you can adjust a setting that allows Zoom's AI to transcribe your cloud recordings. We also show how you can download the transcription and copy/paste into Word to edit and review further. 

Enabling Chat in Your Zoom Meetings

This Panopto recording shows how you can adjust your Zoom account settings to enable chat & private chat in your Zoom meetings. 

Sharing Recordings with People Outside of UW

This Panopto recording shows how you can adjust the sharing options on a single cloud recording so that you can share the recording with someone outside of the UW who doesn't have a Net ID. Please note that these changes will only apply to the recording you adjust and not all cloud recordings. 

Joining a Meeting that Requires you to be an Authorized User

This Panopto recording shows how you can log in with your UW Net ID in order for zoom to recognize you as an authorized user that may enter UW hosted Zoom meetings. 

Zoom Classroom Support

We support classroom technologies, whether online or on campus.  Please review our tutorials above to learn the solutions we've discovered working directly with faculty.

Contact: tacmedia@uw.edu

Need help producing your next online, virtual event? Email us at: tacMPS@uw.edu